About Pineal Vision Jewelry

Embrace your inner Goddess Warrior!

About Pineal Vision Jewelry

Pineal Vision Jewelry has a mission to help women embrace their own inner Goddess through the power of symbolic talismans.

Our Mission

At Pineal Vision Jewelry, we don’t just sell jewelry. We’re on a mission to bring a little piece of meaningful symbolism to free-spirited women around the world.

We believe that quality jewelry should adorn all women, and strive to offer fair pricing while keeping ethical sourcing in mind.

By selling our jewelry online only, we avoid traditional markups and pass those savings directly to you, our Goddess Tribe.

About The Owner

It all began on New Years Day 2015. I started Pineal Vision Jewelry making my own handmade jewelry as a way of independence, being my own boss and my own internal empowerment.
But as I started working with hundreds of women purchasing custom jewelry pieces and hearing their stories I grew passionate about giving women a tool that nurtures their fierce confidence. Like Alexander McQueen says "I want people to be afraid of the women I dress."
I've since let go of my handmade jewelry line and started sourcing quality designs that I was unable to create with my own skills and equiptment. Now I'm able to support overseas designers while still catering to my customers who are always looking for that magical and meaningful symbolic piece that adds that much needed sparkle to their everyday lives.

Come join the Goddess Tribe, a place where you're treated like royalty. Be the first to see and shop new designs, collection launches and get first access to exclusive sales!
Brittany Owner of Pineal Vision Jewelry
My jewelry offerings consists of ancient symbols transformed into modern bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings with meaning. These talismans act as a power source for women to always walk in their Goddess Truth. It’s more than jewelry, it’s a sacred lifestyle.