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Pineal Vision Goddess

Pineal Vision Jewelry has a mission to help women find and embrace her own inner Goddess.

Who is your inner Goddess?

Is it Goddess Selene? The dark Goddess of the moon and lunar cycle. She is a passionate lover and selflessly devotes herself to another person. 
Is it Goddess Artemis? The Goddess of strength who can protect herself, and her loved ones, from harm. She takes no shit, she's an independent spirit.
Is it Goddess Gaia? The Earth Goddess who is a source of nurturing, patients and unconditional love. She puts others before herself.
No matter who you inner Goddess is, Pineal Vision Jewelry is a reminder to express those prominent qualities that make up who you are. Jewelry that, once you put it on, can give you the confidence of knowing exactly who you are and how you're meant to show up int he world. Be unapologetically you.
Brittany Witt Pineal Vision Jewelry
Multi Gemstone Ring
My name is Brittany and I'm the maker and designer behind Pineal Vision Jewelry. My inner Goddess is The Earth Goddess Gaia. That's why I'm so connected to nature and why I'm conscious of the materials I choose, my production process and the impact my industry has on the Earth. I'm constantly looking for suppliers who source and cut stones ethically and I'm happy to say 90% of my metal is reclaimed or come from recycled sources.
I believe that if something is worth making with your own hands than it should be a piece you're proud of. I enjoy the tedious work of quality craftsmanship. Knowing that what I'm putting out into the world will be cherished for year and years, and not end up in a landfill.

I'm a geek for quality customer service and satisfactory. I don't just want customers, I want to create a community, a tribe if you will. I want to connect over the pieces you've collected from me and hear about how your birthday went. That community I've built is called the Goddess Tribe. It was built with you in mind, so won't you come join and follow the journey?
Embrace your inner Goddess. Feel good about what you put on your temple. Buy Pineal Vision Jewelry.