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  • Leather Weather

    Fall is here (for most of the US at least) and that means pulling out your favorite leather jacket! This outfit is more of a transition look going from summer to fall. I love the look of pairing something edgy with the more playful allure of this jumpsuit.

  • Labor Day Style

    If you're a frequent Etsy shopper, like myself, then you've probably gotten the big news that Etsy is hosting their first ever sale! During Labor Day weekend any Etsy shops who wish to participate in the sale can choose to do so. But it's not a consistent sale throughout, the shop owners get to choose what type of discount they want to offer.
  • Eye See You and Eye Want You 👀

    Looking for the perfect accessories to express the magic that's within? Look no more. The sacred eye symbol is the best option.
  • How to Style Sneakers with Dresses

    If thinking about pairing sneakers with your favorite dress scares you a bit, it should, because there are a lot of ways this pairing can go wrong. But I've done my research and came up with 4 unexpected ways to rock sneakers with dresses! 
  • 5 Ways To Style A Suede Mini Skirt For Fall

    With so many fall outfit ideas staring to surface I'm seeing a lot of fun fall trends already for this year. A lot of 70's inspired looks, wide flare jean (YES!) and one of my favorites (beside my beloved bell bottoms) is the brown suede mini skirt! I may or may not have gone crazy and have one on the way right now.
  • Summer to Fall Outfit: Transitional Dress Idea

    Fall is just around the corner so it's time to pull out those richer colors and extra layers. Having some summer to fall transition outfits that can be a part of each seasonal wardrobe is a great thing to have.

  • 4 Summer Outfits To Obsess Over Right Now

    We are just about to hit summer. But for some of us, the heat is already here. All month long in the month of June I like to celebrate the Summer S...
  • How To Style A Slouchy Top with Cutoff Shorts

    Sometimes styling a slouchy or oversized top can make you look more frumpy than stylish, especially for the little women like myself. There are a million and one ways to pair of slouchy top but my favorite is either tucking a piece of the top into your bottoms or tying it at the waist.
  • Eco Fashion Done Right: Ethical Outfit

    Who says eco fashion has to be bland and full of pre-loved pieces? Don't get me wrong, thrifting is a great way to get clothing that doesn't harm the environment and I stand behind that 100%. Hell, I'll wear a pair of shorts until they get big hole in the butt (then they become wear-around-the-house shorts).