Silver evil eye necklace.

The Story of the Wadjet Collection

I've been making jewelry for over 3 years. I've advanced in my medium 3 times, starting out with fiber jewelry, moving into copper electroforming, and now into silversmithing. Each time you switch the medium in which you use to create your product line you have to learn how to use the materials.

I've never gone to school to learn art or jewelry design, I've always been self-taught, and the downside to being self-taught and running an online business at the same time is that your growing pains of learning that new medium are shown publically. That's why I haven't yet curated a cohesive jewelry line. I first had to explore what my signature style was within each medium before I could create a cohesive body of work. 

A woman wearing a silver evil eye ring.

I still have some OOAK (one of a kind) silver pieces in my line that I'll be gradually selling out of. It's the physical result of me finding my way to my signature style, the Wadjet Collection, over these last 2 years of learning and honing my skills in silversmithing.

I chose the eye symbol because it's widely recognized as a symbol of protection and guidance. I've always been interested in symbolism and ancient mythology from all cultures. This is why I gravitate toward the Goddesses. These ancient stories connect us to something deeper in ourselves that help us get through different stages of our life.

Wadjet jewelry collection skectches.

Fun fact, many believe that your pineal gland (a tiny pine cone-shaped gland in the exact geometric center of your brain) is responsible for producing your mind's eye. My business name, Pineal Vision Jewelry, is an ode to my third eye and the creative vision that comes from deep within. 

Wadjet (pronounced waed-jet) is the Egyptian Goddess known as the patron and protector of Lower Egypt, and later, upon unification with Upper Egypt, became the protector of all of Egypt. She was often depicted as a snake with a woman's head. Wadjet is also the daughter of the Egyptian Sun God Ra.

Agate eye necklace.

One day Wadjet and Ra were lost in the waters of Nun, so Ra sent Wadjet on a mission to find Tefnut (moisture) and Shu (air). When Wadjet returned successful Ra was so happy he honored Wadjet with being his "eye."

I loved this story and it’s always stuck with me. When you add that to my love of the belief that we all possess a 6th sense, a third eye, I knew I wanted to use this eye symbol in my jewelry.

I created the Wadjet Collection because I know how it feels to find a piece of jewelry that makes you look and feel great, like a Powerful Goddess Warrior! I feel I've captured that feeling with this collection. Wear these pieces of talismans to give yourself protection and guidance from Wadjet. It is my hope that when you wear a piece of Pineal Vision Jewelry you feel like the Powerful Goddess I know you are.

The Wadjet Collection launches TODAY, Sept. 20th at 3 PM EST. Here's a little sneak preview of what you'll find in this beautiful body of work. I hope you enjoy!

Photo collage of Wadet jewelry collection.

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I was so much excited when i’m going India. We all know India is famous for their traditional things. Specially I’m fan of their traditional jewellery. Thai’s why I was super excited. That time I was buying so much jewelry from India.

Ronald I bremer

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