How To Style A Slouchy Top with Cutoff Shorts

Sometimes styling a slouchy or oversized top can make you look more frumpy than stylish, especially for the little women like myself. There are a million and one ways to pair of slouchy top but my favorite is either tucking a piece of the top into your bottoms or tying it at the waist.

Styling a slouchy top, something so big and oversized, looks really great with small cutoff shorts, like in my example, or some skinny jeans.

Top // Madewell
Shorts // MOTO
Shoes // 275 Central 
Necklace // Third Eye Necklace
Earrings // Vision Studs
Sunglasses // Row x Linda Farrow
Bag // Rosegal
What's your favorite way to style a slouchy top? Let me know in the comments. And be sure to pin this image to your style boards!
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