4 Stylish Ideas for Coordinating Jewelry with Your Eyewear

4 Stylish Ideas for Coordinating Jewelry with Your Eyewear

Like other accessories, jewelry can be fun to style due to the wide variety of styles and materials. For instance, those with multiple ear piercings can refer to our previous guide on creating earring stacks to show off your distinct style and personality. Some of our curation ideas include pairing ear cuffs and dangling earrings to add movement to your look.

Aside from mixing and matching jewelry pieces, you can also branch out and coordinate your jewelry with other types of accessories like eyewear. Whether you wear eyeglasses for clear vision or sunglasses for everyday fashion, below are four ideas for styling these wardrobe staples together.

Match the Color and Tone

If you’re the type to go for monochromatic looks, you can start by making sure the color and tone of your earrings, necklaces, or rings match your frames to avoid unnecessary clashing. Eyewear brand RAEN’s sunglasses collection features acetate frames in sleek silhouettes and neutral colors like black and beige, meaning your jewelry must be subdued and not too flashy.

 For example, you can pair the oval-shaped, handcrafted Zelti sunglasses in black with simple silver or gold. Meanwhile, those wearing bright, vivid frames in warmer tones, such as red, orange, or yellow, can bring out the same warmth through yellow or rose gold jewelry.

Balance the Shapes and Proportions

Besides looking at the color scheme, you can also pay attention to the frame shape to determine how small or large your jewelry pieces should be. If you browse women’s sunglasses via the online retailer LensCrafters, you’ll find various oversized styles from top brands like Swarovski and Ray-Ban.

The Swarovski SK6005’s large round lenses would look best with dainty pieces like pearl earrings, while the RB4395 Kiliane Bio-Based’s rectangular frames would fit an equally classic diamond pendant necklace. In contrast, smaller, minimalist eyewear styles are best balanced with larger jewelry pieces, such as hoops or drop earrings.

Mix Metals

Meanwhile, fashionistas who prefer experimenting with their outfits can consider mixing metals in both their eyewear and jewelry. For instance, outdoor-oriented eyewear brands like Oakley often offer titanium frames for durability, typically available in classic colors like grey or stainless silver.

If you want to have more fun styling your pieces, opt for jewelry with a vastly different finish, such as matte gold. This contrast can be more striking and even elevate your overall ensemble, especially if the mix and match is spread out from head to toe.

Go Bold & Make a Statement

Similarly, those who want to stray from simple, monochromatic looks can instead go bold and make a statement through jewelry and eyewear. Take, for example, how the South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster has made bold, futuristic sunglasses trendy through its recently released BOLD collection.

Daring frame styles like the Yyy G4 sunglasses and its goggle silhouette are best paired with jewelry with similar galactic and celestial accents. Overall, the main point is to stand out and create visual interest through statement-making elements.

If any of these styling ideas piqued your interest, make sure to check out Pineal Vision Jewelry’s wide range of offerings. From dainty earrings and statement bracelets to carefully curated collections like personalized jewelry, we have everything that can perfectly match your unique sense of style. Check out the rest of our website to learn more.

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