Zodiac Style

Zodiac Style - What Does Your Sign Say About Your Fashion Sense

Step into the world of astrology to find out how to dress like your zodiac sign.

Whether you’re a bold Aries or a passionate Cancer, there’s a lot your Zodiac sign can teach you about your style. We can't predict what the stars have in store for you in your career or love life—but we can see a very stylish future ahead for you. Don't forget to check out our Zodiac jewelry to finish off any outfit! Whether you're casually chillin' at home or having lunch with friends, Pineal Vision Jewelry has a piece of jewelry with your zodiac sign or birthstone color!


Known for their practicality, Capricorns typically reach for polished and sophisticated pieces. Capricorns love the structure of tailored separates with feminine silhouettes. The Earth sign is drawn to neutral colors due to its versatility in the wardrobe, while monochrome outfit options allow the opportunity to add interest through elements such as mixing textures and fabrics.

Here's an outfit that perfectly showcases what Capricorns will certainly be wearing this season:

Professional Capricorn outfit, white slacks, black corset, red handbag.


An Aquarius woman is a rule-breaker, both in life and with their fashion sense. When it comes to colors, the Water Bearer is not afraid of wearing bold, bright neons, pretty pastels, or even color block pieces that make a loud statement. But they tend to prefer shades of the ocean; blues, violets, and turquoise.

Here's an outfit you could easily see an Aqua babe swimming the streets in:

Aquarius vacation outfit, blue floral pants, wide-brim hat.


Pisceans are known for their dreamy and free-spirited personality. This water sign tends to opt for pieces that embrace whatever they are feeling that day. You will often see them wearing sweet boho dresses with a flowy, ethereal allure and silk, chiffon, and velvet fabrics in different soft shades of pearly blue and pink.

This is an outfit that perfectly complements the Pisces energy:

Pisces outfit, pink slip dress, gold Zodiac jewelry.


Bold, confident, and daring, the Aries is known as one of the strongest zodiac signs. Aries vibrant energy shines through whatever they are wearing. Their fashion choices consist of bold accessories and tailored pieces with lots of structure in a bold color such as fiery red. Aries are trendsetters and aren’t afraid to wear fashion-forward or adventurous pieces.

Here is a classic outfit that represents the Aries in all their glory:

Aries red power suit, Zodiac necklace.


Tauruses value comfort and utility more than anything else, so it would not be out of the ordinary to find pieces that are very versatile in their closets. As Earth signs, Taurus often reach for neutral tones like creams, browns, and beiges, along with more cool tones like blues, purples, and their birthstone color, emerald green. They appreciate pieces with no fuss like flowy dresses and practical pieces that are well made using natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk.

Here is an outfit any Taurus would reach for on a nice spring day:

Taurus outfit, green slacks, wide brim hat.


Known for being clever and curious, Geminis have the ability to adapt to any situation including knowing what to wear for any occasion. As Air signs, Gemini can go with the flow, often reaching for pieces with bright colors like fuchsia, orange, and yellow. They appreciate unique eclectic pieces that lean a little on the funky side.

Here's an outfit any Gemini would not object to wearing:

Gemini outfit, green pencil skirt, orange blouse.


Peaceful and passionate, Cancers are like the tide: strong-willed and persistent. Cancers fashion choices consist of refined, poised, and polished pieces with a classic, timeless structure. They strive to always look elevated & elegant and are drawn to nautical colors. Cancers favor soft but smooth fabrics such as satin and jersey.

Here is a classic outfit that represents the Cancer’s taste exquisitely:

Cancer Zodiac outfit, black dress, red blazer.


Known for their confidence and sensuality, Leos are drawn to luxurious fabrics like silk, cashmere, satin, and faux fur. Leos love pieces that are perfectly tailored to them. You will most likely find them wearing warm colors like orange and red as well as black and royal purple, along with animal prints.

Here's an outfit that perfectly showcases what Leos will certainly be wearing this season:

Leo outfit, black jumpsuit, leopard faux fur coat.


A Virgo woman is detail-oriented when it comes to everything in life, not excluding the finishing touches on her outfit. When it comes to colors, this Earth sign prefers natural colors and pieces that are tailored and put together. Virgos enjoy practical pieces that are both functional and feminine.

Here's an outfit you could easily see a Virgo babe sporting:

Virgo outfit, khaki paperbag pants, navy blazer.


Libra women are known for being very well-rounded. This sign tends to opt for pieces that embrace a charming yet tactful feel with soft, flowy dresses and beautiful fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and suede. They are drawn to pieces that they can easily transition from day to night in different soft colors such as pinks, beiges, and white.

This is an outfit that perfectly complements the Libra lady:

Libra outfit, pink slip dress, white blazer.


A Water sign, Scorpio women are innately charming, but their mysterious energy wants to keep these traits hidden at first meeting. When it comes to style, Scorpios are drawn to dark moody colors with powerful, yet feminine silhouettes. And if a Scorpio is feeling like she needs a little color, she tends to go for deep jewel tones which play into Scorpio's spooky allure.

Here is a great example of a Scorpio-approved fall-inspired look:

Scorpio outfit, plaid mini skirt, maroon turtleneck and blazer.


Saggitariuses have an inviting nature about them. They are always reaching for vibrant, warm-tone colors such as sunny yellow hues or bright fuchsias, ambers, and magentas. The sign's playfulness can be echoed by mixed boho prints, layering fabrics, and trying unique trends not many can pull off with the Scorpio's fearlessness.

Here's an outfit that perfectly showcases what Sag’s will certainly be wearing this season:

Sagittarius outfit, orange floral maxi dress.

Tell us what your zodiac sign is in the comments! Does your outfit speak to your sense of style? Share this with your girlfriends if you found this to be fun!

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