The Science Behind Gemstones

The Science Behind Gemstones

Ever wondered how your crystals were formed? What about how they got their name and where they come from? There's a lot to wonder about these precious little earth candies, especially while gazing into your favorite stone in awe looking at all the little inclusions and geometric patterns.

The Science Behind Gemstones

No need to wonder any more thanks to a recently discovered website that can tell you all this information and more! You're not going to want to look elsewhere for your gemstone information. is "the world's top resource for gem professionals, enthusiasts, and industry content" as noted on their wonderful website. You can find out the hardness scale of your gemstones, the luster, and even something called crystallography! Sign me up for that!

Simply search for your favorite gemstone and learn everything your heart desires about its history. A lot of their content is free but you can also become a member for as little as $3 a month to get access to their gem pricing guide and the community forums. What's better is for just $16 a month you can become a certified gemologist! (I'm definitely going to enroll when the time comes, you can't beat that!). 

While you're there, don't get too starry-eyed looking at all the amazing crystals and information, take a look at one rare gem called rhodizite. They featured my Rhodizite Trio Ring in their "Rhodizite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information" guide.

I hope you'll enjoy what Gem Society has to offer to all you crystal hoarders and gemstone lovers! And hey, let me know if you own my Rhodizite Trio Ring in the comments below! 

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