Women's brown shirt with quote Be The Light.

Labor Day Style

If you're a frequent Etsy shopper, like me, then you've probably gotten the big news that Etsy is hosting its first-ever sale! During Labor Day weekend any Etsy shops that wish to participate in the sale can choose to do so. But it's not a consistent sale throughout, the shop owners get to choose what type of discount they want to offer.

When you go to Etsy they have a tab directing you to the Labor Day Sale showcasing all the Etsy shops taking part in it. Alternatively, you can search for any product within Etsy using the usual search function but you can now filter your search to show only Labor Day Sale items. So you can still shop the site as you like and easily find shops offering a sale.

Of course, I had to go shop, this is a huge milestone for the Etsy platform after all, and I found so many cute items I just HAD to share them with you! The category is Style! Enjoy!

Photo collage of handmade items from Etsy.

1/ "Be The Light" T-Shirt by Traded Crowns Boutique
2/ Custom Leather Cord Keeper by Northwind Supply
3/ Leather Crossbody Bag by Juliette Rose Designs
4/ Roses Floral Temporary Tattoo by Tatzarazzi
5/ GRL PWR Pocket Shirt by The Tee Studio
6/ The Isabella Halo Crystal Crown by Judy and Madeleine
7/ Wings Silk Scarf by Shovava
8/ Convertible Backpack Purse by Canopy Verde
9/ Feminist Flair Enamel Pin by Four Letter Word Cards
10/ Handmade Leather Bag by Bolson Bags
11/ Boobs T-Shirt by Irek Apparel
12/ Vintage Brass Hair-Pins from Red Garnet Vintage

I’m offering 25% off with no minimum purchase necessary! The Labor Day Sale started yesterday, August 31, and will go on through September 4th but be sure to check the individual shops for end dates as some might not be going on for the total length of this time.

Have you shopped Etsy’s first-ever Labor Day Sale? How did you like it? I’d love to know!

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