Walk In Your Goddess Truth

Walk In Your Goddess Truth

I believe that within every woman lies a powerful Goddess. I've been wanting to write a post talking about different Goddess realms that I know you all can resonate with. When you email or message me I really get a sense of who YOU are. It's inspiring, I see myself in each and every one of you. It's like an unspoken sisterhood, an unofficial bond, a Goddess Tribe.

Walk In Your Goddess Truth

In this post, you will Learn about Goddess names and meanings of the Earth, Fertility, Love, and more!

What's a Goddess Realm?

What I'm considering a Goddess Realm is a domain or area of influence. Here's a list of Goddess Realms.

Earth Goddess

The Earth Goddesses symbolize growth. They help us put down roots that can never be taken away from us. Some of the many Earth Goddesses are: 

Gaia - Greek Earth Goddess 
Ala - African Earth Goddess 
Prithvi - Hindu Earth Goddess

Earth GoddessGaia.
Greek Goddess Gaia (Art by Mistress Vamachara)

Water Goddess

These Goddesses represent the oceans, lakes, rivers, and all bodies of water. All humans evolve from these waters which is a vital element for our own fertility. Some of the many Water Goddesses are:

Mazu - Chinese Sea Goddess
Anuket - Egyptian Nile Goddess
Oshun - African Goddess of Fresh or Sweet Waters

Goddess Oshun
African Goddess Oshun (Art by Selina Fenech)

Fertility Goddess

These Goddesses have strong motherhood instincts, they are often the caretakers for other women during childbirth and their symbols are used to help promote pregnancy. Some of the many Fertility Goddesses are:

Hathor - Egyptian Goddess of Motherhood
Brigid - Celtic Fertility Goddess
Ala - African of Fertility (A lot of Goddesses are representative of multiple Realms.)

Egyptian Goddess Hathor
Egyptian Goddess Hathor (Art by Javhier Cruz)

Love Goddess

The Love Goddesses are often said to be the matchmakers of the kingdom. This is the Theme you'd want to wear if you're looking for the love of your life. Some of the many Love Goddesses are:

Aphrodite - Greek Goddess of Love
Rati - Hindu Goddess of Love, Lust, and Pleasure
Oshun - African Goddess of Love, Pleasure, and Sexuality (Again, Oshun is a Goddess of many Realms)
Isis - Egyptian Goddess of Marriage 

Greek Goddess Aphrodite
Greek Goddess Aphrodite (Art by Lindsay Archer)

Justice Goddess

These Goddesses are the ones who keep in order what is right from what is wrong. Channel these Goddesses to help you form the spoken words needed to stand up for yourself and others. Some of the many Justice Goddesses are:

Themis - Greek Goddess of Law and Order
Maat - Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice
Nanshe - Sumer Goddess of Social Justice
Oya - African Goddess of Justice

African Goddess OyaAfrican Goddess Oya (Art by Timur Barshtman - This was not intended to be a depiction of Goddess Oya but she has a lot of similarities with the lighting surrounding her)

Wisdom Goddess

Wisdom Goddesses are the ones we go to, to seek advice. These Goddesses have learned many things from this world and are here to pass them on. Some of the many Wisdom or Knowledge Goddesses are:

Saraswati - Hindu Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge
Seshat - Egyptian Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge
Isis - Egyptian Goddess of Wisdom

Hindu Goddess Saraswati
Hindu Goddess Saraswati (Art by Katia Honour)

Warrior Goddess

The Warrior Goddess is the one who protects us. They stand up for the underdog. She is strong, fierce, and independent. Some of the many Warrior Goddesses are:

Athena - Greek Goddess of War
Bast - Egyptian Goddess of War
Freya - Norse Goddess of War
Kali - Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction

Greek Goddess Athena
Greek Goddess Athena (Art by Alayna)

Lunar Goddess

These are the Goddesses of the night, they live by the moon. The moon is a powerful symbol for women as it traces our cycle of life. Some of the many Lunar Goddesses are:

Selene - Greek Moon Goddess
Changxi - Chinese Lunar Goddess
Ratih - Hindu Lunar Goddess
Yemoja - African Goddess of Moonlight

Greek Goddess Selene
Greek Goddess Selene (Art by Lorelain W.)

Fire Goddess 

The Fire Goddess can light our way, warm us. We use fire to celebrate, cleanse, initiate and purify our lives. Some of the many Fire Goddesses are:

Pele - Hawaiian Fire Goddess
Fuji - Japanese Fire Goddess
Mahuika - Māori Fire Goddess
Vesta - Roman Goddess of Sacred Fire

Hawaiian Goddess Pele
Hawaiian Goddess Pele (Art by Hrana Janto)

Creativity Goddess

Call on these Goddesses when you need a bit of creative inspiration. Perfect for artists, tradesmen, or just for problem-solving. Some of the many Creativity Goddesses are:

Minerva - Roman Goddess of Arts and Trade
Cerridwen - Celtic Goddess of Creative Inspiration
Saraswati - Hindu Goddess of 

Celtic Goddess Cerridwen
Celtic Goddess Cerridwen (Art by Lisa Hunt)

Whew! That's a lot of sacred in one post! I will be diving deeper into each of these Goddess Realms, the gemstones associated with them, and the individual Goddesses themselves. 

So, which Goddess do you resonate with?

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