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  • Celestial Date Night Outfit

    Inspired by the Celestial Crystal Saturn Earrings this look pairs a beautiful silk mini dress with a retro Y2K purse and black strappy heels. The makeup consists of a blue liner, starry lashes, and a midnight blue polish. I also paired the Beverly gold anklet set and ultra-thin snake chain necklace for added sparkle.
  • How To Dress Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    The stars have spoken when it comes to developing your sense of style. Your horoscope may guide your fashion choices more than you may know. Are you a boho babe who likes to break trends? Or do you like to blend in with timeless classic pieces?

    We've laid out what each astrological sign may be pulled toward in 2022 featuring our new Zodiac Name Plate Necklace.

  • How Your Favorite Fashion Mavens are Styling Ankle Boots for Fall 2021

    There is no shortage of the many different styles of boots on the market—edgy combat boots, knee-high boots, and utilitarian riding boots, just to name a few—but the one boot we can always count on is the beloved ankle boot. This is why we've lined up some of our favorite fashion influencers and how they are styling ankle boots this season of fall 2021!
  • Summer Midi Skirt 4 Ways

    I see lots of women opting for midi skirts over maxi skirts. This garment is a must-have piece to wear this summer to keep cool during our rising summer temps. In today’s post I put together 4 easy summer looks with midi skirts that you can try during this hot season. 
  • Zodiac Style - What Does Your Sign Say About Your Fashion Sense

    Whether you’re a bold Aries or a passionate Cancer, there’s a lot your Zodiac sign can teach you about your style. We can't predict what the stars have in store for you in your career or love life—but we can see a very stylish future ahead for you. Don't forget to check out our Zodiac jewelry to finish off any outfit! Whether you're casually chillin' at home or having lunch with friends, Pineal Vision Jewelry has a piece of jewelry with your zodiac sign or birthstone color!
  • The best nail designs based on your zodiac sign

    I'm sure you know Astrology is a great tool that helps to guide us to better understand ourselves and our environment and become the best version of ourselves. And with that includes our manicures. Today I've created a fun nail art chart for your to aligne with your zodiac sign so you can creatively express your inner symbolic side!
  • Beautiful Crystal Displays for your Sacred Space

    Crystals are a great way to add sparkle to your space, natural pops of color that lend a hint of magical vibes to any space. It's an easy way to bring the outdoors in, and they satisfy any shiny object syndrome, amiright? Stick around for some of my favorite crystal displays.
  • Our Fall Picks from Free People

    Summer fashion may be known for crop tops, sundresses, and chic shorts, but there's nothing more fun than throwing on all the layers for fall. And we all need to update our wardrobe for cooler weather—from knee-high boots to cool denim and much more—we can't skip over one of our favorite boho boutiques, Free People.
  • 10 Best Halloween Sweaters of 2020

    I've been doing a lot of online shopping this weekend and compiled a list of my top picks for Halloween sweaters for 2020, especially if you're a fan of the whole "witch b*tch" phrase that's been going around this year!
  • Summertime Bucket Hat and Butterflies // Outfit Inspo

    Inspired by WhiteInk's Paint Splash Masks and their sticker collection titled "Bucket Hats N Roses" which is a nostalgic reference to late 90s/early 2000s street fashion. I took inspiration from the pink and blue colors of the face mask and accessorized it with a pink bucket hat and a clutch purse.
  • Serpent Aesthetic

    The snake symbolizes spiritual guidance. The presence of the snake in your life can mean that you are in a period of transition and it can help to point you to ways to promote your personal growth.
  • Serpent Collection Release Date

    The snake as a spirit animal can provide guidance about life changes and transitions, whether they're happening at the emotional or spiritual level.