Valentines Day date velvet dress outfit.

Valentine's Day Outfit: Burgundy Velvet Dress

I've shown you how to dress for a Valentine's Day date during the day but I also promised to show you a V-Day date night outfit. And you won't be disappointed.

V-Day date velvet dress outfit.

Burgundy Velvet Dress // Faux Leather Moto Jacket // Black Ankle Boots // Faux Fur & Leather Clutch // Vision Necklace // Vision Bracelet // Third Eye Bracelet

Anything velvet or silk will do the trick. That's why I chose this deep burgundy velvet dress with a feminine V-cut in the front. Adding the leather moto jacket and black booties will keep you warm.

Don't forget to check out my Valentine's Day gift guide for all the best (and giftable) jewelry pieces!

What's your favorite V-Day memory? Mine would have to be getting and giving Valentine's Day cards to all my classmates in elementary school (and not to mention all the candy I got)!

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