Spirit Crush Moon Phase and Crystal Garland

Spirit Crush Moon Phase + Crystal Garland

Sometimes finding things to fill our sacred space can be quite the hunt. Which items are going to pair well together? How to fill your space with all the things you love without overdoing it?

Creating your sacred space can be very revealing about who you are and what you're drawn to. Having a sacred space filled with all the things you love is such a great feeling. I personally like to fill my space with handmade artists I love.

Spirit Crush Moon Phase and Crystal Garland

Luckily for you, I've found the perfect shop that has all the beautiful handmade garlands a free-spirited girl could dream of! Her name is Jo and her Etsy shop is Spirit Crush. When I met Jo on Instagram I knew I would have to get 1, or 2, of her gorgeous hand-painted paper garlands!

Jo creates these cute moon phase garlands, heart garlands, crystal garlands, and wordy garlands and I'm sure she's not done yet! I was thrilled to be able to support this awesome girl and get a purple watercolor moon phase garland along with pink, blue and purple crystal garland!

Unboxing Spirit Crush garland.

So right out of the box, her packaging is so magical and fun! She doodled cute moon and stars on the actual box. She stores the paper garlands inside this luxe frosted paper and she stitches them shut with gold thread! And check out that cute note!

Closeup of the moon phase garland.

First up, is the Purple Watercolor Moon Phase Garland. Once I took it out of the paper packaging a bunch of star confetti came out with it! It was like a party! I also LOVED the cute square card that was in it! It certainly rings true!

Handmade purple moon phase garland.Closeup of the paper moonphase garland.

Next up is probably the cutest paper garland in the world, just sayin! This is the crystal garland and this one has cute glitter on the crystals! As a crystal hoarder, I was excited to open this one!

Handmade crystal paper garland.Closeup of the crystal paper garland.Raw crystal paper garland.

You're probably wanting to know where you can get your paper garlands right now, huh? I can't blame you! These are going to make your sacred space, altar or bedroom look like a magical wonderland!

Spirit Crush handmade paper garlands on Etsy.Moon phase and crystal garlands by Spirit Crush.

Get your paper garlands at Spirit Crush now! Tell Jo who sent ya!

Let me know if you've got your garlands, share them on Instagram, and be sure to tag @spiritcrushclub! 

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