Goddess Fuji description.

Japanese Goddess Fuji

Fuji, Japanese Goddess of Fire. Fuji is depended on for her strength, inspiration, and safety. 

Art depicting Goddess Fuji.
Turning by Jialu

Honor Goddess Fuji by wearing or carrying fire-related crystals such as sunstone, fire opal, fire agate, citrine, rhodochrosite, carnelian, etc.

Alternatively, some would say to honor Goddess Fuji with cooler stones to help remain calm during times to stress. Stones such as aquamarine, larimar, or azurite.

The fire element is also associated with the solar plexus chakra. When open can bring balance to your personal power, creativity, sexual expression, and ability to take action.

Art depicting Mount Fuji.
Mount Fuji by Some Like It Shop

Fire rituals can channel Goddess Fuji but you don’t need a volcano to do so. Something as small as a candle flame can be used to honor her and call upon her strength.

Goddess Fuji can guard and protect us during vulnerable times of change. She will also look after the house and family.

Description of Goddess Fuji.

Goddesses by Sue Jennings, Ph.D.

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