Matching floral henna tattoo on both hands.

Beautiful Henna Tattoo Designs

My most popular board on Pinterest is my Henna Art board. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite henna designs from that board with you all and give some credit to these amazing artists!

1. Divya Patel

Foot and shin henna tattoo.

2. The Henna House by Angela

Evil eye calf henna tattoo.

3. Mehndika Joey Henna

Matching floral henna tattoo on both hands.

4. Bella Henna

Hand and forearm henna tattoo.

5. Henna Mafia

Floral hand henna tattoo.

6. Delusion Tattoos (Etsy affiliate link!)

Henna temporary tattoo.

7. Henna Boutique Brisbane

Single hand henna tattoo.

Who's your favorite henna artist? Share your favorite artists in the comments below! And don't forget to give these artists a follow! Follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration like this!

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