Egyptian Goddess Wadjet

Egyptian Goddess Wadjet

Wadjet, the Egyptian Goddess of Protection. She protected the kings and women in childbirth.

Egyptian Goddess Wadjet
Artwork by Ekaterina Burmak

Wadjet is depicted as a serpent Goddess with a woman's body and the head of a snake. Her symbol is the protective eye.

Honor Goddess Wadjet by wearing or carrying protection crystals such as fire agate, fluorite, and black obsidian.

But, in my opinion, black tourmaline is the best all-around stone of protection. It repels harmful energy and creates a force field around your aura so negative vibes bounce right off you. 

Wadjat Udjat Eye of Horus pendant.
Wadjet ("Eye of Horus") Pendant Source: Jon Bodsworth

Wadj is the Egyptian word for "green" which references the color of the papyrus plant. Enjoying this delicious fruit honors Wadjet and her protective powers, especially for women during childbirth. 

See the Egyptian eye jewelry collection I've devoted to Goddess Wadjet.

Goddess Wadjet can guide and protect us whenever need to call upon her energy. 

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