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Third Eye Bracelet

$ 75.00
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The belief that we all posses a Third Eye is a history that dates way back to ancient Egyptian and Hinduism traditions. This 3 eye design symbolizes our two seeing eyes and our third, center all-seeing minds eye. I've always found it very amusing to close my eyes and have a friend hold their finger over my third eye and feel it start to tingle every time. =)

- Hand fabricated in sterling silver
- Approx. 37mm x 5.2mm
- Oxidized + polished to a high shine
- Sterling silver lobster claw clasp
- A part of the Wadjet Collection

Egyptian Eye Meaning

- The all seeing eye symbolism means honoring the divine providence.
- The third eye represents spiritual awakening and truth, clairvoyance, omniscience and a gateway into the soul helping you to be your true self.
- In ancient Egyptian culture the eye was known as the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra as well as the Wadjet Eye, which represents protection, healing and restoration.
- In the middle East and Asia the eye is often seen on a hand, called a Hamsa. It's represented as protection against the evil eye.

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