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Seeker Ear Jackets

$ 175.00
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The Moss Agate Seeker Ear Jackets were created to offer you protection during your journey of self discovery. Whatever it is you're seeking you have these sacred eye relics to have your back. Wear them as is with the lashes peeking out from behind, or wear just the eyes alone. Who doesn't love options? =) 

- Hand fabricated in sterling silver
- Hand fabricated fine silver bezel

- 5mm moss agate gemstone
- Hole pierced behind the stone so the light can shine through
- Eye motifs are approx. 13mm x 8mm
- Lashes: approx. 25.5mm x 15.5mm (not including the adjustable component*)
- 20g x 9mm earring posts

- Comes with clear plastic ear stoppers
- Oxidized + polished to a high shine
- A part of the Wadjet Collection

* These earrings have two adjustable lengths attached to the lashes that you stick the earring post through so you can wear he lashes lower or higher depending on your lobe size. These are approx. 12mm long.

*Mother Nature never makes two gems alike, please allow for slight variances in color. <3

Moss Agate + The Goddess

Moss agate honors Gaia, the Greek Goddess of the Earth. Gaia's focus is on the health of the earth and our eco-system. We must work to protect the earth, in turn protecting Gaia, and she will be sure to keep us healthy and full of vitality. Use this moss agate to honor our mother Gaia.  

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