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Kundalini Ring

$ 80.00
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Light pierces through this rutilated quartz ring showing all the imperfect inclusion this stone has. Set in sterling and fine silver with 3 round embellishments to add extra sparkle. Hand forged and hammered ring band reflect the light in all the little facets.

  • Rutilated Quartz
  • Recycled .925 Sterling Silver
  • Recycled Fine Silver Bezel
  • Hammered Band

Clear Quartz + The Goddess

Clear quartz honors Kundalini, the Hindu Goddess of Life Force (which is why I named this ring after her) and Allat, the Arabian Moon Goddess. Kundalini represents the enlivening of the divine Shakti energy, and she energizes all the potential of life itself. Allat likes to nurture you and bring you protection like a mother would. She helps to guide you through a healthy path and teach you right from wrong. Use clear quartz to call upon these Goddesses when you're in need of enlivening via Kundalini or guidance via Allat. 

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