Treat Yo'self to some Sparkle this Valentines Day!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Jewelry sparkles,
and so do YOU!

My boyfriend comes in and says "huh, I guess we missed Valentines Day." I immediately go into panic mode scrambling for my planner because I just knew there's no way I missed it. Come to find out he was mistaken. He'd seen a Valentines Card on the kitchen counter and assumed he missed it. *sigh* bullet dodged. 

But that's not to say YOU won't forget, which is why I'm reminding you now that there's just 10 more days to get those Valentines Day orders in! And to make your life easier I created a V-Day gift guide, (go ahead, send this over to your honey to *hint* at them).

Treat Yoself to some Sparkle the Valentines Day

Buying jewelry at special moments in your life is a perfect way to celebrate where you're at in life right now.

Maybe you're madly in love, maybe you just quit your job to pursue creative freedom, maybe you've finally come to terms with the powerful Goddess you ARE! Whatever milestone you're celebrating, jewelry can act as a constant reminder of that celebration. And have I got some jewels for you!

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Don't forget to check the V-Day order deadlines!

Valentines Day Jewelry Image Map