New "Barely There" Ring Bands

You may have been noticing some thinner ring bands slowly rolling in. I've had many many conversations about jewelry with friends, family and customers, especially about rings (which is what I believe to be the most favored jewelry type, would you agree?). I've even observed my own jewelry choices and more often than not, women are wanting a thinner ring band, mostly when it comes to gemstones stacking rings.

New Barely There Ring Bands

So, there's this wire that can be reclaimed, from the same source as my original ring wire (my significant other is an electrician so instead of sending old scraps back through the refining process, he's allowed to bring bundles of wire home. Well, he's been holding out on this gorgeous thinner wire).

I personally prefer a thinner ring band, and after hearing many other women say the same, I starting putting some thinner ring bands into production! I couldn't be more happier with how they wear, you barely notice they're there, hints the name "barely there."

So far I have just a few of my original gemstone rings (the handful of gemstones I've been carrying since the beginning of my metalsmithing journey) out with the new thinner ring band. Right now I have the thinner ring band as a variation option in the regular listing for my original gemstone rings, if I start getting more orders for the thinner over the thicker then I'll be pulling the thicker ring bands. So if you have a preference please let me know below. The original ring band is around 2mm and the new Barely There ring bands are around 1mm.

Shop the new (and original) Barely There gemstone rings! (And don't forget the pin this beautiful image to your jewelry boards! xoxo)

Barely There Rings

  1. Gaia Ring (everyone's favorite!)
  2. Pink Tourmaline Ring
  3. Emerald Ring (calling all Taurus Babes!)
  4. Garnet Ring (Virgo babes say "Hey!")
  5. Aphrodite Ring
  6. Keto Ring
  7. Aquamarine Ring (and one for the Pisces Babes!)
  8. Ganga Ring
  9. Demantoid Garnet Ring
  10. Rainbow Moonstone Ring

I hope you enjoyed browsing this post, and I especially hope you LOVE that I'm offering new ring band sizes. I'm doing it for you, babes! You've asked for it.

So now tell me, which ring band size do you prefer? The new Barely There 1mm ring bands or the original mac-daddy 2mm ring band? Leave me a comment below!