Monthly Reflection - June

What a month! I feel I've had one of the most productive months in a while. I actually sketched out my first collection and have begun putting it into production (that's all I'm telling for now).

Monthly Reflection June

I landed my first wholesale account *happy dance* and the best part is, they found and approached me! And I finished the entire order, I surprised myself and got about 25 pieces done withing a week (5 days to be exact)! I didn't know that was possible but when someone gives you a deadline you say yes, then figure it out. (Technically it was more of an "I'd love to have this by..." Not really a deadline, but I sure as hell treated it like one.)

Lesson I learned this month: I realized I was starting to put too much back on my plate. I wrote a post back on my old blog (which unfortunately I don't have anymore) that my word for 2016 is Essential. I was very inspired after reading the book Essentialism by Greg Mckeown.

I came to a point back in November of last year that I was acting as if I was a large business, therefore taking on tasks that could never get done by just me. I was worrying about scheduling social media posts, getting PR mentions, customer acquisition, and tweaking the hell out of my website, when all I really needed to be working on is expanding my jewelry line. If I don't have jewelry in the shop how am I going to get more customers, or have stuff to post on social media, etc.?

Monthly Reflection June

Don't get me wrong, all these things are very important, but for a business my size, it's not priority. Sooo, long story short, I ditched everything on my plate and went back to the essentials, making jewelry, blogging, connecting with my customers. So as I noticed I was starting to fill my plate back up I went back to my word for 2016. I stopped, cleared my task list and thought "what's the most essential thing I could be doing to grow my business right now?" It's not buying Facebook ads, it's not pitching magazine editors, it's making a new collection. So that's what I did.

I'm curious, do you ever get like this? Do you ever pile on unnecessary tasks that aren't really a priority in your business? Let me know in the comments. (Hopefully I'm NOT alone in this.)