Inspirational Words: My Top 5 Favorite #Truthbombs

Being real with your soul takes courage. Being able to take those negative voices in your head and turning them into inspirational words is what author/Desire Diva, Danielle LaPorte calls #Truthbombs.


Let's go on a journey to discover some of my favorite cards from Danielle LaPorte's #Truthbomb decks.

1. Keep it pointed to where you want to go 


This #Truthbomb quote has inspiration written all over it, literaly. These words, in my interpretation, means to keep your eye on the prize. Don't lose sight of where you're wanting to go in life. It could even be use for inspirational words for a 3 month goal. Don't get wrapped up in other things while you're working toward one goal.

2. You know the answer 


You know the saying, "go with your gut." That's what this #Truthbomb card means to me. We've all had those times in life when we don't get that job of our dreams, we have to end up with a job we hate, but in the end we find out it was actually the right choice. Life couldn't have planned it better if it were scripted.

3. Bless the people you feel envious of - Favorite #Truthbomb of the lot


This is my favorite out of these top 5. They're only inspirational words if you can truly, deeply understand them. Especially in these times of social media. You only see the highlights of peoples lives and then you go and compare them to your real life. Not fair sister.

Sure you see her new home on Instagram, and "oh, isn't it so beautiful", and " gosh, why can't I have that" etc. But what she's not showing is the thousands of dollars of debt she took on to get that home and the fights she has with her husband from the stress of it all.

Everyone is fighting their own battles, no one wants to talk about it, let alone show it on their Instagram. Instead of feeling envious and feeling behind on life, count your blessings and say to yourself, "wow! If she can have that than so can I!" Let it be a beacon of light of what's possible for YOU!

4. Uncertainty is key to creativity 


Danielle LaPorte sure knows about this! As a creative we can feel like planning out projects. But most of the time it never pans out as we planned. We add on another element, we take away. Often it's best to not plan, just create. That last sentence what a #Truthbomb in itself, ha! 

5. Do whatever makes you feel joy - Inspirational words indeed


It's so simple yet so inspirational. Life can weight you down, the smiles fade away the laughter silences. In those times it's best to just let all that stess go and remember a time when you felt so fucking overjoyed. Then go and do that.

Weather it's spending $100 you know you can't be spending on a canvas and paint and just going at it for 3 hours. Maybe it's taking a spotanious road trip just by yourself. Your soul needs his kind of joy. You soul needs YOU.

Danielle LaPorte is simply a genius. These #Truthbomb decks full of inspirational words can really remind you to pay attention to your soul. I have both decks and I love to randomly send them out with customers packages, these are meant to be given to others.

You can leave them on the city bus and let a random person discover it, you can leave them in car windsheilds--a moment of "Shit, not another ticket" can turn into "Oh, that was nice", you can leave them at checkout in convienet stores. There's so many ways you can brighten someones day with these inspirational words.

Get your #Truthbomb deck by clicking here!

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