Hello pumpkin sweatshirt.

10 Best Halloween Sweaters of 2020

Sure, it's fun to wear Halloween costumes, but you wouldn't wake up on October 31st and just throw on your costume. What's better is rolling out of bed and throwing on a cozy Halloween sweater! You can still display your spooky spirit but still remain comfy when you opt for a cute pumpkin pullover rather than a full-on costume.

And why only wear it on Halloween? The best part is you can wear your favorite Halloween sweaters all throughout the month of October!

I've been doing a lot of online shopping this weekend and compiled a list of my top picks for Halloween sweaters for 2020, especially if you're a fan of the whole "witch b*tch" phrase that's been going around this year!

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1. Hello Pumpkin Sweatshirt

If this isn't the cutest phrase with the sweetest farmhouse vibe I don't know what is. Designed by Etsy shop Miller and Magnolia.

Hello pumpkin sweatshirt.

2. Black Cat Sweater

I used to own a black cat and I could never understand why some people were so afraid of them. They are the sweetest little creatures if you get to know them.

Spooky fact: black cats are the least likely to get adopted. Orange ones are the most adopted.

Black Cat Sweater

3. Sanderson's Hotel Sweater

Only true Hocus Pocus fans will get this reference! I love how this sweater doesn't immediately scream "Halloween" so you can get away with wearing it all throughout the fall season.

Sanderson's Hotel Sweater

4. Pumpkin Face Sweater 

I kept seeing this one on Pinterest in different outfits and I just fell in love so I had to have it! And it's very reasonably priced on Amazon. You've gotta get one for yourself! 

Pumpkin Face Sweater

5. Horror Addict Sweater

If you're the type to binge your favorite horror movies during Halloween then this sweater is for you! Although you might get some thumbs up from creepy guys at the department store.

Horror Addict Sweater

6. Future Ghost Sweater

We all know it, it's a fact of life. 😂 I absolutely love this sweater and the ironic humor of it. It will surely bring a chuckle from anyone who reads it.

Future Ghost Sweater

7. I'm Hollow Inside Pumpkin Sweater

I'm a huge fan of puns, no matter how corny it is you'll usually get a little chuckle out of me. And this "I'm Hollow Inside" phrase doesn't disappoint. 

I'm Hollow Inside Pumpkin Sweater

8. Spider Web Cardigan

This one is a little fancier for those Halloween dinner parties you may be invited to. I love it for the classy, vintage vibe, and hey, if that's your style, you could get away with wearing it all year round! Designed by Etsy shop Mischief Made Me.

Spider Web Cardigan

9. Happy Halloween Witches Ugly Halloween Sweater

Yup, it's a thing! We now have the much-needed ugly Halloween sweater trend! Honestly, there's no better holiday to promote an ugly sweater than Halloween! Move over ugly Christmas sweaters, Halloween takes the cake on this one!

Happy Halloween Witches Ugly Halloween Sweater

10. Black Cat Cardigan

This one is too cute! I seem to have this affinity for black cats and this sweater has a classic look with the button front and flattering fit. You can also get it in other colors, like this purple with white cats, that you could wear all season long.

Black Cat Cardigan

Well, that concludes my top 10 list of Halloween sweaters, there were so many others I wanted to share so I may include a part two. What are you excited to wear for Halloween, costume or not?

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