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Handmade Halloween: 7 Etsy Costumes For Women

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I just love the magical time of year it is, the weather gets cooler, the nights are longer and everyone embodies a new character that gives you a little glimpse into who they really are. Plus, you get free candy! What's not to love about this spooky time of year?!

Photo collage of Halloween earrings.

If you love to DIY here are 7 Halloween costume ideas for women!

I'm an avid Etsy seller AND shopper so of course, I wanted to share all my Halloween costume finds for women! And it's all handmade with love and you're sure to find that perfect piece to finish off your witch costume or find an entire Greek Goddess ensemble! 

Let's get right into it!

1. Black Cat Costume

Black cat costume for women.
1/ Black Cat Tail by Karen Rao
2/ Matte Black Eyeshadow by Etherealle
3/ Black Cat Ears by Curious Fair
4/ Black Cutout Leggings by 4 The Wild
5/ Black Leather Knee High Heels from Green Canyon Trading Co
6/ Furry Black Cat Tail by Pawstar
7/ Faux Leather Fitted Top by Evis Style
8/ Furry Black Cat Ears by Vuzara
9/ Black Stiletto Nails by Claws By Morgan Joyce
10/ Charlize Patent Black Pointy Heels by Christy Ng Shoes

2. Blue Fairy Costume

Blue fairy costume for women.
1/ Chunky Mermaid Glitter by Uniglitter Labs
2/ Cerulean Blue Shadow by Orglamix
3/ Woodland Fairy Wings by Lynn Leigh Creations
4/ Royal Blue Fairy Wings by Just As Strange As I Am
5/ Blue Fairy Costume by Sugar Sweet Fairies
6/ Blue Lipstick by Fierce Magenta
7/ Blue Silk Chiffon Fairy Dress by Threads Of A Fairytale
8/ Blue Butterfly Wing Earrings by Just As Strange As I Am
9/ Blue Butterfly Wings by Crafty Annes Artistry
10/ Sparkling Blue Mini Length Tutu by Loki's Romance

3. Egyptian Goddess Costume

Egyptian Goddess costume for women.
1/ Gold Cuff Bracelet by Fun Fashion Access
2/ Matte Blue Eyeshadow by Etherealle
3/ Womens Egyptian Costume by Gryphons Wing Design
4/ Gold Chain Headdress by Lotus Circle
5/ Shan Royal Hooded Black Dress by Noralina Freedom
6/ Egyptian Goddess Headdress by RM Quintiroli
7/ Gold Gladiators Sandals by The Meraki Company
8/ Gold Vegan Lipstick by Potions Cosmetics
9/ Blue Nail Polish by Ellisons Organics
10/ Gold Arm Band by Ostrako

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4. Greek Goddess Costume

Greek Goddess costume for women.
1/ Gold Leaf Headband by Bloom Design Studio
2/ Gold Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow by BKR Cosmetics
3/ Draped Sleeve Velvet Dress by Valkyrie Custom Wear
4/ Greek Goddess Leaf Necklace by Darling Golightly
5/ Aphrodite Goddess Dress by Gryphons Wing Design
6/ Junia Dress by Cassia Longina Designs
7/ Gold Greek Gladiator Sandals by The Meraki Company
8/ Gold Glitter Eyeshadow by Prima Makeup
9/ Bronze Lipstick by Fierce Magenta
10/ Gold Leaf Armband by Sigal Shakked Jewelry

5. Mermaid Costume

Mermaid costume for women.
1/ Mystic Mermaid Glitter by Uniglitter Labs
2/ Holographic Teal Nail Polish by Exotic Lacquers
3/ Green Mermaid Top by Designs By Loure
4/ Mermaid Seashell Hair Clip by Babes in the Woods Shop
5/ Green Mermaid Skirt by Coquetry Clothing
6/ Green Mermaid Fish Scale Tights by Virivee
7/ Aquamarine Mermaid Crown by Wild and Free Jewelry
8/ Mermaid Glitter Makeup by Orglamix
9/ Teal Seahorse Mermaid Bra by Star Stuff Boutique
10/ Turquoise and Gold Seashell Mermaid Crown by Love Buds Etc

6. Unicorn Costume

Unicorn costume for women.
1/ Unicorn Bustle Tutu by Tutu Sister
2/ Pink Holographic Glitter Eyeshadow by Glitter Lambs LLC
3/ Chunky Holographic  Body Glitter by Glitter Lambs LLC
4/ Unicorn Floral Headband by Beauty Natural Design
5/ Adult Unicorn Tutu by Baby Rave Boutique
6/ Pastel Watercolor Leggings by Rock Salt Apparel
7/ Pastel Ombre Unicorn Dress by Rock Salt Apparel
8/ Pastel Violet Frosty Lipstick by Fierce Magenta
9/ Multi-Color Chrome Nail Polish by Polish Me Silly
10/ Unicorn Horn Headband by Sweet Cloud Styles

7. Witch Costume

Witch costume for women.
1/ Black Witch Hooded Cape by Karolinfelix Dream
2/ Sparkly Black Eyeshadow by Mattify Cosmetics
3/ Spider Web Halloween Makeup by Addttoo
4/ Women's Black Witch Costume by Kenna Kays Creations
5/ Black Witch Hat by HomeRight Online
6/ Witch Broom by Star Mango (Update: that broom is unavailable, here's a similar)
7/ Evil Witch Costume by Cordelia Royle
8/ Vegan Black Lipstick by Potions Cosmetics
9/ Black Pointed Toe Mary Janes from Pink Gumnut
10/ Coffin Stiletto Matte Black Press On Nails by Never Too Much Glitter

I hope you're able to find that perfect costume and support Etsy makers at the same time! Hope you have a safe and super spooky fun Halloween 2017!

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Thank you so much for including my blue fairy dress for the blue fairy idea. There are so many wonderful items for sale on Etsy – well done for curating them like this :)


Helen Hobden

Halloween is my favorite holiday! What great costumes, simple, but unique. Well done with lots fun ideas— my favorite is the witch costume. Thank you for including Orglamix! xox


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