4 Fall 2017 Trends I'm Loving

Ahh, trends, can't live with them, can't live without them. I have my own own personal hang ups with trends, once I see something becoming popular I start to grow a dislike for it. Which is very opposite of most and it makes it hard when you're in the fashion industry because you've gotta cut your own path with your own style.

4 Fall 2017 Trends I'm Loving

But, that doesn't mean I don't follow trend forecasts, I gotta stay in the know. And recently I've been letting go of my strict personal values on trends, and have actually come to love seeing some of these trends play out. Especially the fall 2017 trends! 

So, without further ado, here are 4 fall 2017 trends that make me drool every time I see them!

1. Metallic


This shimmery style is so 90's hip hop but it's making a comeback and I'm excited about it. Just as long as you never pair two metallic items together I'm good. This trend is best played out subtly, a metallic shoe with a mid-length neutral trench coat (also another fall 2017 trend popping up this season).

1/ Silver Dress 2/ Gold Pumps 3/ Blush Metallic Dress 4/ Gold Bag 5/ Gold Boots 6/ Silver Biker Jacket 7/ Gray and Gold Clutch 8/ Pink Metallic Bomber Jacket 9/ Rose Gold Clutch 10/ Gold Metallic Pants 11/ Silver Backpack 12/ Gold Dress 13/ Silver Adidas Sneakers

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2. Velvet


You know you seen this one coming. We’re seeing velvet everywhere this fall. And dare I say I’ve was tempted to purchase a navy blue crushed velvet jacket just the other day? I’m loving a velvet shift dress with black stockings and a cute black bootie. How do you wear your velvet?

1/ Velvet Trench Coat 2/ Black Velvet Clutch 3/ Embellished Ankle Boots 4/ Pink Velvet Boots 5/ Dark Blue Ankle Boots 6/ Lace Up Ankle Boots 7/ Gray Velvet Mini Dress 8/ Round Velvet Bag 9/ Pink Slip Dress 10/ Floral Velvet Booties 11/ Navy Velvet Slip Dress 12/ Velvet Converse Sneakers 13/ Pink Velvet Clutch

3. Embroidery


Now, I haven’t seen embroidery on the fall 2017 trend forecast lists but I’m seeing a lot of it and I think it’s perfect for fall! Especially those floral embroidery leather jackets, ugh! Can’t even! (Ok, talking about trends is starting to make me sound like an actual trend forecaster, I may be in trouble.)

1/ Embroidered Biker Jacket 2/ Embroidered Backpack 3/ Eye Leather Pouch 4/ Embroidered Mules 5/ Black Floral Dress 6/ Pink Chiffon Embroidered Dress 7/ Floral Shoulder Bag 8/ Cactus Embroidered Bag 9/ Demin Slingback Clogs 10/ Embroidered Pinafore Dress 11/ Floral Ankle Boots 12/ Eye Wool Sweater 13/ Floral Embroidery Shopper Bag

4. Micro Floral


I’ve seen this trend called “winter florals” by Haper’s Bazaar and “couch florals” by Elle but I’ll sum it up and call them micro florals. Tiny floral, all over prints. Extra points if it’s a dark floral print! These are most seen in maxi dresses but can also be found in pants, jackets and ankle boots as well. But like with everything, moderation is key here.

1/ Floral Kimono 2/ Black Floral Bag 3/ Flower Pattern Ankle Boot 4/ Dark Floral Lace Up Boots 5/ Pink Floral Biker Jacket 6/ Dark Floral Coin Purse 7/ Floral Zipper Pouch 8/ Floral Button Up 9/ Floral Leather Shorts 10/ Floral Ankle Boots 11/ Floral Trainers 12/ Micro Floral Mini Skirt 13/ Mauve Floral Satin Top 14/ Floral Bomber Jacket

That’s sums it up! What fall 2017 trends are you seeing lately on the runway or otherwise? And more importantly, what trends are you loving for fall 2017?