Exclusive Designs You Can Only Get At The Handmade Popup

It's no secret how much further a dollar stretches in the hands of a small business owner than in the hands of a giant cooperation. Pineal Vision Jewelry will be vending with around 200 other small business owners on Nov. 4th through 6th at TheHandmadePopup.com.

Inspired by Samantha Rueter, who's one of the makers that'll be vending at the popup and recently did a sneak peek of what she'll be selling, I thought you all might like to see some of the exclusive designs I'll be selling along with a few old favorites. So go check out her post once you're finished here, she's a talented artist who's work is currently inspired by the coasts and sea

Exclusive Designs at The Handmade Popup

  1. Rhodizite Ring - EXCLUSIVE
  2. Pink Tourmaline Ring
  3. Lakshmi Ring
  4. Garnet Ring
  5. Gaia Ring
  6. Emerald Ring
  7. Demantoid Ring
  8. Aquamarine Ring - EXCLUSIVE
  9. Blue Apatite Ring - EXCLUSIVE
  10. Amethyst Ring - EXCLUSIVE 
Exclusive Designs

    You vote with your dollar so why not send it where it matters and support an independent maker and the their local economy this holiday season and beyond.

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