A woman with multiple ear piecings with cartilage earrings.

The 3-Step Formula for Creating an Ear Stack for Multiple Piercings

Ever been out and about, or scrolling online and come across all the ear curation porn on Instagram and TikTok? Us too. So you go online to see which piercings you should get, and even more difficult, how to choose the earrings you want to wear as this often proceeds you choosing your piercing placement. We’ve got the answers, and options, for every possible occasion.

We've come up with a steadfast Formula for creating the perfect ear stack every single time. Let's get into it!

Serpent Earring Set.

Featured: Serpent Gold Earring Set ($35.00)

The Thriller Earring

This is the earring you want to start with. It's the most flashy earring, it's the first earring people notice when looking at your ear stack. Whether this earring features multiple sparkling stones like the Glam CZ Daith Piercing, a pop of color like the Lilac Baguette Huggies, or has a really edgy motif like the Mini Dagger Stud Earrings. And this could also be an ear cuff like the Gina Ear Cuff Set. It's good to have 1-3 thrillers depending on how many piercings or ear cuffs you're adding.

Glam CZ Daith PiercingLilac Baguette HuggiesMini Dagger Stud EarringsGina Ear Cuff Set

The Filler Earring

These are the earrings that you add into empty spaces between your thrillers that add sparkle and add interest. This could be dainty studs like the Classic Stud Earrings or Sparkling Flower Studs, mini hoops like the Simple Huggie Hoops or Black Zircon Huggies, and ear cuffs like the Simple Ear Cuff or the Rainbow Zirconia Ear Cuff. You'll want to add anywhere between 2 to 5 fillers. But don't forget to leave room for our last component!

Classic Stud EarringsSparkling Flower StudsSimple Huggie HoopsBlack Zircon HuggiesRainbow Zirconia Ear Cuff

Galaxy Gold Earring Set

Featured: Galaxy Gold Earring Set ($45.00)

The Spiller Earring

These are any earrings with a fun dangling charm or drop earrings with chains that sweep below the ear. These earrings add movement to your ear stack. Some fun examples are the CZ Drop Chain Earrings, CZ Sword Earrings, or the Black Zircon Teardrop Huggies. Also, larger hoop earrings can act as a spiller, such as these 2" Hoop Earrings. You'll only want one of these and it's typically placed in your lowest lobe piercing or your first piercing.

CZ Drop Chain EarringsCZ Sword EarringsBlack Zircon Teardrop Huggies2" Hoop Earrings

Now that we've gone over the basics, let's look at some fun earring combos using this Thriller, Filler, Spiller formula!

Number of Piercings: 2

Multiple Ear Piercings Chart.

Featured Earrings:
1. Serpent Ear Cuff / 2. Studded Ear Cuff / 3. Celestial Serpent Studs / 4. CZ Sword Earrings

Number of Piercings: 2

Multiple Ear Piercing Chart.

Featured Earrings:
1. Micro CZ Pave Wave Ear Cuff / 2. Studded Ear Cuff / 3. Star CZ Stud Earrings / 4. Star CZ Huggies

Number of Piercings: 4

Mulriple Ear Piercings Chart with silver earrings.

Featured Earrings:
1. Simple Ear Cuff / 2. Dainty CZ Bar Studs / 3. Beaded Heart Studs / 4. Lightning Bolt Huggies

Number of Piercings: 4

Multiple ear piercing chart with gold earrings and black stones.

Featured Earrings:
1. Classic Stud Earrings / 2. Simple Ear Cuff / 3. 5mm Black Zircon Gold Studs / 4. Black Zircon Huggies / 5. Black Zircon Teardrop Huggies

Number of Piercings: 5

Multiple ear piercing chart with gold cartilage earrings.

Featured Earrings:
1. Marquise Crown Cartilage Stud / 2. Marquise Crown Rook Cartilage Hoops / 3. Laura Studs in Clear CZ / 4. Cosmic Twist CZ Hoops / 5. Spike CZ Huggies

Number of Piercings: 6

Multiple ear piercing chart with six piercings.

Featured Earrings:
1. CZ Pave Rook Piercing / 2. Marquise Crown Rook Cartilage Hoops / 3. Marquise Crown Cartilage Stud / 4. Beaded Huggies / 5. CZ Baguette Huggies / 6. Clear Zirconia Teardrop Huggies

What piercing do you currently have and which are on your piercing wish list? Share pictures in the comments below!

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