A woman wearing silver stacking rings.

Your Family Lineage - Alternative Heirloom Ring

This is a lovely custom order I received for the Lineage Ring. This ring represents our lineage, the generations who've come before us, and the ones we create. Hints why it has line notches. 

A model wearing silver stacking rings.

This ring was originally designed to have many random notches around the ring in no particular order or pattern. But this customer had the genius idea of putting in the number of notches that match the generation of the person who will wear the ring.

She purchased a ring for her grandmother, her mother, and herself plus her sisters (she also purchased another one not shown here).

As the years go on and more generations are born she can have new notches put in her ring.

Closeup of a silver stacking ring.
It's not your typical heirloom ring, but times have changed and this simple ring is just a lovely symbolic way to honor the lineage of your family.

Interested in getting your own Lineage Ring? I have a buy more save more deal! Just leave me a note at checkout if you'd like a specific number of notches on your ring. Plus, these make a great holiday gift!

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