4 Reasons Why A Visualization Practice is Important To Manifesting What You Want

A Visualization Practice can help you get what you want in life faster, but it can, more importantly, help you realize what you actually want. You here it all the time "If I were to win $1,000,000 I would buy a Ferrari, a mansion in LA and buy all the latest gadgets!" But is that what you really want? Some of that could be true but let's dig a little deeper and I'll challenge you that that's not what you really want out of life.

4 Reasons Why A Visualization Practice is Important To Manifesting What You Want

1. Visualizing Will Change Your Mindset From Poverty to Abundance

Ever think about living in your dream home, the kids playing in the yard, you're planting your favorite peonies, your husband is literally painting the white picket fence... only to be brought back to reality to your less than stellar situation? Then you think "well that was a nice 5 seconds." (Yeah, we've all been there.) The issue? You don't believe you could actually make that happen because you only see yourself in your current situation and can't fathom living the life of your dreams. That's only for rich people, right?

How many times, as a child, where you in the grocery store, you want to get a bag of Skittles and you hear you mother say "put that back, I can't afford it" or "sorry hunny, I don't have any money right now"? If you grew up in the income bracket as myself then you heard these things everyday. These phrases have been pounded into our heads and now, as adults, we believe these things. You may even be using these phrases yourself! You could even be very well off financially but because you heard these things so much as a child you're still in a  poverty mindset and you hold onto every dollar you make. 

Visualizing yourself living the life you want will start to make you accept that you can have that life. Great example; something I've done is I wrote down the revenue I want to make in a year. That number is $200K--and trust me, I had a hard time accepting that to be my desired number because I couldn't comprehend ever making that much. I hung it on my wall where I see it everyday. Now, I'm so used to that number that it doesn't scare me anymore. In fact, I can now picture myself making more than double that! That's a HUGE mindset shift just by visually seeing that number everyday.

*Tip: when you use this exercise of writing down an amount you want to make, or a goal you want to accomplish, write down a date that you want to have achieved that goal by. There's something about having a date that really gets it accomplished. My date for making $200K a year is June 15, 2018. That seems completely crazy and I have no idea how I'm going to get there but I'm going with it. Update on that coming June 16, 2018. ;) 

2.  Visualizing Will Revel The Lifestyle You Actually Want

One of the things that's helpful in the process of creating a visualization practice is to create a vision board. Whether that's through Pinterest or the old fashion way of cutting snippets out of  your favorite magazines and gluing them to a poster board, either will do the job.

*Tip: If you're going with creating a Pinterest Vision Board, screen capture each section of your board (however long your board is will determine how many screen captures you need to take), and save it as your PC background. You can even set it to rotate through each screen capture so you're constantly seeing your entire Vision Board when you open your PC. 

When looking for photos or images to put on your vision board, really stop and look at the image. Picture yourself in each image, maybe it's walking on a secluded beach or driving a sleek black sports car, imagine yourself being in that space. Create a scene, maybe you're driving around in your sports car with the wind blowing in your hair. What's the feeling you get from it? May you realize you don't even want a sexy sports car because you'd rather imagine that time with your children in a cool, safe SUV.

So really think about the images you're putting on your vision board. Make sure these things are what would be best for you, your family and the lifestyle you want. Make sure that the're also something that makes you truly happy. By putting yourself in mini scenarios in these images and listening to what your feelings are telling you about these scenes it can revel to you what you truly want out of life instead of allowing other people's opinions influence what your decisions are. 

3. Visualizing Will Fast-Track you To The Life You Want

"What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create"
-- Buddah

When you sit down and visualize yourself in the life you desire you become laser focused on exactly what you want, what you don't want and what you need to do to close the gap from where you are now and where you want to be. You'll start to attract and notice things, people and opportunities that will act as a stepping stone that will get you closer to that life you dream of.

As you create this visualization practice, try not to worry about the how. Don't worry about how you're going to get there, just trust that as long as you're making small steps everyday toward these goals then you're on the right track.

4. Visualizing Will Make Life Changing Decisions Much Easier

Let's say you live in Arizona but your ultimate dream is to move to New York City. Would it be wise to get a lesser paying job in New York City or stay in Arizona at a job that pays you more? Well, if the ultimate goal is to move to New York City then it would be totally wise to take the lesser paying job in order for you  fulfill your dream.

Now, I'm very much a believer in energy and mindset, but I'm also quite analytical so I'm not of the belief that this can be done with visualization alone. The visualization practice will help get you crystal clear on what you truly want in life, it will help you accept more of an abundance mentally and help you realize which opportunities you need to take to get you to your end goal. But ultimately you need to be actively putting in the work it will take to accomplish the life you desire.

This life won't come by sitting in your comfort zone. This is a huge endeavor for anyone to take on so it going to take a lot of work via your mind (doing the visualization practice), your body (physically putting in the work needed to close the gap) and your soul (allowing yourself to get out of your comfort zone to pursue these stepping stones). You'll certainly grow as a person when you combine this trifecta of super human powers, because this is the closest thing we have to real magic. And creating your dream life can't be done without a little magic.

This was such a fun topic for me to write about. It's one of the things I'm super passionate about (besides jewelry) and I would greatly enjoy connecting with you on this. Leave a comment below, do you practice visualizing?