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A Commitment to the Earth

As the Chief Visionary Officer at Pineal Vision jewelry, I am fully committed to environmental and social responsibility. I want to be 100% transparent with you about what goes on behind the scenes. My customer is someone who cares about the environment, cares about what they eat, cares about the products they use on their bodies and cares about the cloths and jewels they wear and how they're made.


I use recycled copper that has been pulled from electrical jobs. This metal would have otherwise been shipped to a scrap yard who cuts the metal and ships it to another company to melt and refine it into re-usable product and sold throughout the world. While it's great that it's being recycled, by me re-using the material straight from being pulled from jobs (thanks to my electrician husband) it creates less pollution from fossil fuels, energy and waste needed in this process. 


My sterling and fine silver comes from a company who cares deeply about the environment. They do take silver scraps to recycle into new product but unfortunately their demand is higher than the mount of scrap they get in. So although some of the silver I use is from recycled scrap some of it is from secondary refiners. I will be switching to a supplier who supply's fair-mined and recycled metals once I start offering more sterling silver jewelry. 


I purchase most my gemstones from US suppliers. It a plus that I love to work mostly with raw stones which take less energy to cut/polish them. I am working on getting to know my suppliers better and getting to know where they purchase their gems from. It's extremely important for me to buy from suppliers who do not buy from unethical miners who employ child labor.


Your jewels also come wrapped in recycled materials. I re-use all bubble wrap and mailers I receive from my own purchases. My business cards are made from 100% recycled paper. My Kraft jewelry boxes and the tissue paper I use to decorate the boxes with  are made from 100% recycled material. And of course the hemp twine I use to make the cute bow on each page is 100% organic.


Since moving from organic hemp jewelry to metalsmithing it's been very hard for me to keep with my Green practices. Some may wonder why I even made the switch if I'm so Earth conscience. Although I am an avid Earth Saver I'm also a my own Soul Healer. I can't ignore how my soul lights up when I play with metal and create beautiful jewelry. I have to feed both these aspects that are very important to me in a beautiful harmonious way with the least harmful impact on both myself and the Earth. 

It's not easy being Green while being a metalsmith, but the good news is that it's POSSIBLE! I'm inspired by metalsmith Melissa Joy Manning who has a certified Green studio by the state of California. I look forward to bringing in Green practices into my own studio, one step at a time.  

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