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The 2nd annual Summer Solstice 30% Off Sale is now over! 

The next sale will be the Pre-Holiday 40% Off Sale will be in October 20th thru 21st 2016.

The next Summer Solstice Sale will be on June 22nd thru 23rd 2017.

Join the Goddess Tribe at the bottom of this post to stay up to date about these sales and be the first to shop them! 

This sale only happens once a year. I have a motto I go by "Quality craftsmanship deserves full price." My jewelry is handmade therefore I inspect every millimeter of my pieces before I put them up for sale. I've even been known to re-make a ring 3 times just because it didn't electroform to my liking. And believe my customers are more than happy to wait the extra few days needed to make sure that what they get is of superior quality.

Even Wikipedia agrees with my philosophy of handmade:
Handmade Definition

The most I will ever discount my jewelry is 40%, which is during my annual Pre-Holiday Sale in October (October 20-21, 2016 -- join the mailing list now to stay up to date and shop first!). That's nearly half off! But you see, most other brands like to give out measly 5%, 10% and 15% off coupons a gazillion times a year. I don't do that. And because I don't do that I'm able to afford to host these generous 30% and 40% off sales.

The Summer Solstice a meaningful event for me personally because I'm a summer baby, born in May (and when you live in Florida spring season is pretty much summer season) so I've always enjoyed the warmth of the sun. So as I was creating my initial year long business plan I knew I wanted my 2 annual sales to actually be worthy of shopping.

Not only did I put a lot of thought behind my annual sales, I also wanted my mailing list to be of most benefit to the ladies who join in terms of getting exclusive first access. Anyone in the Goddess Tribe (mailing list) get to shop these sales for 6 hours before they're released to the public. So while the official sales date starts June 23 (NOW LIVE!), Goddess Tribe members get to start shopping on the 22nd.

Goddess Tribe Email List
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This allows members to get their hands on certain one-of-a-kind pieces first. Because once they're gone, they're gone and I want those who have joined my mailing list to get first dibs. These are the ladies who enjoy my brand so much that they wanted to be the first to know about updates, more than what they get in their social media feeds and my blog.

If you've made it this far in this article then you are more than likely one of those ladies who want to become a member of the Goddess Tribe, which makes me, as a designer, very happy. =)

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*I do not sell, rent, trade or give out your information to anyone, ever. You never have to worry about getting spam emails via my opt-in. You can read my privacy policy here (although who would want to, sooo boooring, amiright?)