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Hey there li.sters!

I see you clicked over from my account. I'd like to formerly introduce you to my jewelry shop like any good host would. =) Hopefully you clicked my link because you want to buy some pretties to adorn yourself with. 

  • About The Designer

Or maybe you're not ready to sell your great grandmothers old spoon collection to buy a bunch of jewels just yet and just want to get to know the person who makes all these pretties. That's cool too. You can read my bio here.

Brittany Witt

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Maybe you're a blogger and you want to work with me, you can send me a little note here.

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Perhaps you're a retailer looking to get my jewelry in your shop faster than you can say "I've never seen anything so unique!" then you can connect with me here to get a line sheet.

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If you're someone who likes to read more than a then check out my newly created blog here

  • Goddess Tribe

Want more Pineal Vision Jewelry than what you get in your feed? I have just the thing you're looking for. It's called the Goddess Tribe.

Here are the crowd favorites!

Gaia Amethyst + Quartz Ring

Asteria Quartz Statement Ring

Raw Citrine Necklace

If you need anything else I'm here to help you out. Drop me a line if you have any questions or just want to compliment me on my lovely jewels. ;)

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