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Hey there!

I'm happy you're interested in representing Pineal Vision Jewelry! I assume you've browsed my site, got a feel for the vibe and maybe drank the PVJ Koolaid! (Maybe not that last part, but we'll get there ;)

Here at Pineal Vision Jewelry I strive to create symbolic jewelry that acts as a power source for women to always walk in their Goddess Truth, whatever that may be for her.

The #PinealVisionGoddess is one who

  • Cares for Mother Gaia with the same respect she gives us.
  • Loves herself deeply, even on bad days.
  • Doesn't allow others to dictate who she is.
  • Holds the door, smiles and makes eye contact + randomly complements
  • Knows that life is good no matter the situation.
  • Puts the sparkle back in others' eye's.ddddddddddddddd

I want to be sure that my jewelry brand will be represented with these things in mind.

How to contact me

A lot of times I get emails from bloggers and INSTAfluencers that don't address my name, doesn't realize it's just me running this business, demands that I send them "free" "products", doesn't show me that she understands my mission and values and doesn't give me assurance that they would be right to represent my brand.

Here are a few examples of what NOT to do:

Example of Bad Blogger Pitch

It's unknown if this person even visited my website, you can find my name (and my business name) easily, even on my social media channels. They immediately demand free products, didn't even mention the word "jewelry" anywhere and lastly they seemed to try and sway me by calling her Facebook page a "blog" which sounded kinda scammy.

Example of Bad Blogger Pitch

This just doesn't have much information for me. And when I went to the Instagram account I noticed that her followers just weren't in my target market.

I don't consider myself above anyone else but I do ask that you browse my website, get to know my brand and make sure you really are someone who would be a good fit to represent Pineal Vision Jewelry ( and at the very least address my name) before you send over a pitch.

It shows me that you care and I know you're someone I can build a working relationahip with instead of sending off one product and never speaking with you again. 

So here are my requirments for becoming a representative of my brand:

  1. Please include either "BLOGGER" or "INSTAFLUENCER" at the beginning of your email subject title (this will help me filter those who have actually read my requirments from those who didn't)
  2. Let me know you're someone who acknowledges and understands my brand mission and ethos
  3. Let me know why you want to represent my brand (that's always a good deciding factor).
  4. Let me know your plans on how you want to represent my brand. (Do you work somewhere that has the same aesthetic as my brand that you know the customers will like my jewelry? Do you love going to festivals and/or music concerts? Do you have an influential blog? Etc.
  5. Leave links to your blog and/or social media accounts.
  6. Tell me something fun and random about yourself! How has your fashion sense evolved? Do you have an odd talent?What's a strange food combination you like?dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd