Bronze statue of a woman.

Eclipse Season by Nicole Christine

This is a blog re-post from Nicole Christine originally posted at In Floral Tongues on August 10, 2017.


Bronze statue of a native woman.

Eclipse Season || Full Moon || Entering Lion’s Gate || Opening ○ Opening ○ Opening

To have courage is not to be free of fear – It is to feel the fear & do it anyways. It is to see the fear with eyes that know it isn’t yours to hold. It is to know the fear intimately, and to smile, knowing that your Power is far greater.

With courage, you will feel & you will transmute. You will cower & you will rise. You will suffer & you will grow. It is through this growth that you will steadily return to your Wild Nature : : Free / Innocent / Pure / Curious / Ecstatic / Enchanted / Loving. Roaring with the unstruck sound of your heart. Charging with the rising flame of your Spirit. Radiating the energy of Lion’s totem.

This Wildness is not savage, nor barbarian. It is deeply primitive + felt to be eerily familiar. More than anything, re-wilding is re-membering, and as we remember, we are guided back to the Pride. Like Lions, we were never meant to live in separation. In our wildness we remember the thread || the humility it takes to acknowledge it, the courage it takes to return to it, and the great care it takes to uphold it. We remember that we are better together. A roar, after all, is only of use if there are ears to hear and hearts to hold.

To re-wild is not to isolate ourselves in a quest to reclaim our individual power. It is, most essentially, a willingness to reunite. A willingness that requires immense courage, for we must come back to one another raw, vulnerable and untamed. Softened like pebbles in a river bed, with nothing to hide behind. Not even our fears.

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