Welcome To The New Site

Welcome to the new site everyone! If you're on the mailing list then you heard the news and the reason for the move. I was originally on Squarespace and I was with them for a year but recently I've been needing more features that are quite necessary for an eCommerce website.

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Enter Shopify.

I seen that Shopify has the feature I needed. The feature is simply customer/account login. I need my customers, and more importantly, my repeat customers, to have their own space to login to the site, track their order, view their order history, save their payment method (with Squarespace, anytime a customer wanted to checkout they had to enter their card info in each time).

I think Squarespace started out as a portfolio website for photographers then they branched out to cater to more eCommerce businesses. But when I emailed them about this feature they said they aren't planning on making this feature available anytime soon.

Although I LOVE Squarespace and their customer service cannot be beat (I get responses within the hour and it's a real human who is always so kind), I needed to make my site more shopper friendly.

So please feel free to create an account! I'd love to have you in the Tribe as well if you aren't already. It's a bit bare around here right now but I just moved in and I'm going to need a few more weeks to make it homey and add my little branded touches. Please feel free to send some design suggestions! I made this move for my customers and the silent lurkers who love to hang around .

That's all for now! I'm going to keep these Maker Monologues short and sweet. My good friend Valerie at Hemp Craft & Stacks Hemp Co. had the brilliant idea to create a daily log that's more maker/artist/designer focused so I'm hoping to keep up with it and make this a routine. I'll be chatting about everything under the realms of running a small jewelry business.