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  • Serpent Collection Release Date

    Serpent Collection - Launching June 7th at 8PM EST Join the Goddess Tribe email list and you get to shop the collection first for 1 hour before it...
  • Spring Jewelry Trends 2018

    I've been looking at and pinning all the jewelry and accessory trends for spring 2018. I know my Tribe and while fashion is important to you all, y...
  • Valentine's Day Outfit: Burgundy Velvet Dress

    Anything velvet or silk will do the trick. That's why I chose this deep burgundy velvet dress with a feminine V-cut in the front. Adding the leather moto jacket and black booties will keep you warm.
  • Valentine's Day Gifts That'll Make Her Melt

    It's the season of love, Valentine's Day is an underrated holiday in my opinion. Whether you're spending the day with your love or with your best g...
  • What To Wear On Valentine's Day: Daytime Date Outfit

    Surprised with Valentine's Day plans and don't know what to wear on your date? I've got you covered for a daytime date outfit!
  • Fall to Winter Transition Outfit

    What I love about this look is how well necklaces layer with the deep V tee, especially when you wear the poncho open (not cinched). Plus, who can resist a great pair of hoops to take this look from south western to divine shaman. 
  • Your Family Lineage - Alternative Heirloom Ring

    The Lineage Ring represents our lineage, the generations who've come before us and the ones we create. This ring was originally designed to have many random notches around the ring in no particular order or pattern. But this customer had the genius idea of putting in the number of notches that match the generation of the person who will wear the ring.
  • Casual Transition to Fall Outfit

    Fall is in full swing here in the States! Getting some fresh fall outfit inspiration each year is a must. Although we love our fall staples, it's always fun to add in some new pieces each year (just make sure you donate one piece for each new piece you bring in!).

  • The Story of the Wadjet Collection

    I created the Wadjet Collection because I know how it feels to find a piece of jewelry that makes you look and feel great, like a Powerful Goddess Warrior! I feel I've captured that feeling with this collection. Wear these pieces of talismans to give yourself the protection and guidance from Wadjet. It is my hopes that when you wear a piece of Pineal Vision Jewelry you feel like the Powerful Goddess I know you are.

  • Jewelry Storage Ideas From An Actual Jeweler

    Storing jewelry, when you're jewel obsessed, can be a challenge. Traditional jewelry boxes just don't cut it anymore. I don't want to fuss with rotating hooks that only allow for a certain length of necklace making pendants pile at the bottom creating a tangled mess (you know the kind I'm talking about).
  • Always Speak Your Truth

    Lapis Lazuli was the perfect stone to help with this mission. Lapis is associated with the Throat Chakra and works to help you find and use your voice for good.
  • Eye See You and Eye Want You 👀

    Looking for the perfect accessories to express the magic that's within? Look no more. The sacred eye symbol is the best option.