Vision Boards + Meditation

Meditation is such an amazing tool. I'm trying to get better at doing it daily. I like to use the quite morning hours before the sun is fully up to meditate, say my affirmations and look at my Vision Board.

I created a Vision Board on Pinterest but it was an issue because I never went to go look at it daily, which sort of defeats the purpose of having one, right?

So I screen capped my entire board in about 10 or so individual collage'd photos and I set them as my desktop background. Then I set them on rotate so I never see the same one twice.

Any time I get to my morning meditations, afterward, I open my computer and look at my Vision Board. I even go a step further and really visualize myself in each of these beautiful photos and create scenes of what I would be doing in that space or place. This has helped me to curate my board in a way that truly fits the lifestyle I want to have. Because anyone can have a Vision Board full of pretty pictures but is that what you truly want in life?

This is the perfect alternative from the magazine cut-out collage on a poster board for someone who has gone paperless or just someone who doesn't get magazine subscriptions in the mail anymore.

Do you use a Vision Board? If so, which method do you use or prefer?