Pink floral midi skirt crop top outfit.

What To Wear On Valentine's Day: Daytime Date Outfit

Let's face it, we never think about going out on Valentine's Day. For my single ladies, you think it's just not your holiday, and for those in relationships, you know you guys never do anything on V-Day.

But all of a sudden that guy you've been talking to asks you out, or your other single girlfriends are planning a Galentine's Day. Or surprisingly your man actually planned something! Now we're faced with the dilemma of what to wear!

Well, I've got you covered for your day date outfit needs!

Pink floral midi skirt crop top V-Day outfit.

Pink Floral Skirt // White Cop Top (alternative longer white top - for those a little more bashful, I got you "covered") // Pink Satin Tie Up Heels // Blush Crossbody Bag // Vision Necklace // Third Eye Bracelet

To take this Valentine's Day date outfit from day to night, just add a black leather moto jacket and peep-toe bootie, just as I did for this V-Day date night outfit!

What are your plans for Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day? Enjoy yourself no matter if you're single or not! 

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