Spring jewelry trends 2018.

Spring Jewelry Trends 2018

I've been looking at and pinning all the jewelry and accessory trends for spring 2018. I know my Tribe and while fashion is important to you all, you don't follow what other people say are "trends".

Spring jewelry trends 2018.

I feel you, that's why I create jewelry with ancient symbols and deep meaning that have a timeless style that you can wear no matter what year or season it is. I'm all about buying less, buying quality, and not having to toss a piece because it broke.

So here are the best pieces for spring from my own jewelry line!

1. Hoop Earrings

Hoops are perfect for any season, really. They are light earrings that don't make you feel weighed down

Hoop Earrings Gif.

Seeker Hoops | Arianhod Hoops | Third Eye Hoops

2. Stacking Rings

When I think of light and dainty rings that you can stack up I think of Spring and Summer fashion. And the combinations are endless! Every girl needs to have a variety of stackable rings in her jewelry box, especially when they are packed with symbolic meaning.

Stacking Rings Gif.
Unearthed Ring | Vision Ring | Tranquil Ring | Hammered Stacking Rings | Lineage Ring | Perspective Ring | Arc Ring

3. Flowy Chains

Ladies, hang up those cuff bracelets and chunky chains! It's time to bring out the delicate chain jewelry that flows down your body just perfectly! I love dainty chain jewelry for the warmer months.

Flowy chain necklaces gif.
Vision Bracelet | Vision Necklace | Third Eye Bracelet | Seeker Bracelet | Third Eye Necklace

4. Stud Earrings

When the hair goes up the studs come out! I love stacking studs with hoops or multiple pairs of studs if you have multiple ear-piercing holes. Another trend I'm seeing is mix-matched stud earrings (I can totally see the Meridian Studs mixed with the Ellipse Studs!)

Stud Earrings Gif

Meridian Studs | Arc Earrings | Crescent Moon Studs | Ellipse Studs | Vision Studs

I hope you've been inspired to freshen up your spring wardrobe. My best tip is don't worry about all the trends, just follow the ones that speak to your personal style, because if you don't feel good in what you put on your temple then it will show through in your interactions. Be confident, embrace your inner Goddess. <3

Let me know in the comments; what's been your favorite spring trend, jewelry or otherwise? Or what trends would you like to see disappear? I'd love to know! And be sure to join the email list to be the first to know about and shop new designs and exclusive sales!

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