Pink floral outfit.

Pretty Pink Poppies Outfit Inspo

Wearing pink can make us feel feminine and beautiful but it can also give off a sense of confidence.

Today's look is inspired by all the lovely spring blooms so I scoured the web and found this gorgeous light pink rose floral image and curated a delicate pink outfit based on it.

Pink floral outfit.(Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

This outfit features a pink poppy floral print pant paired with a ruffled cold shoulder crop top. I paired some pastel pink velvet pumps, a crossbody handbag, and chunky gold hoops as well as a gold necklace and ring with light pink CZ stones.

Lace Crop Top // Floral Silk Wide Leg Pants // Pink Fabric Pumps // Crossbody Bag // Birthstone CZ Teardrop Gold Necklace // Birthstone CZ Gold Stacking Ring // Bianca Gold Hoop Earrings // Criss Cross Ring

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