New logo for Pneal Vision Jewelry.

Call Upon Your Goddess Guides through Pineal Vision Jewelry

Hey Goddess babes!

Pineal Vision Jewelry just got a whole new look! How do you like it?

Back in July 2017, I began talking with a super talented designer, Lauren Gaballo, to get a new logo for Pineal Vision Jewelry. I'm so excited to be presenting it to you all now! If you're a part of my Goddess Tribe then you've already seen it (that's just one perk of being a tribe member, join here!)

The Reveal

Here's the new logo!

Pineal Vision Jewelry logo charcoal.

This logo will be used in other variations and colors that are associated with my brand. Here's my current brand style guide. (This is a resource that brands create in order to keep the look and feel of their entire brand cohesive.)

I'd love to know if this brand style guide represents a piece of you. Comment below and let me know what you think!

Pineal Vision Jewelry brand style guide.

The Process

Here is my original sketch (#NotAnIllustrator):

Pineal Vision Jewelry original logo sketch.

I went with the eye and the burst of light, almost like a starburst, because I feel it completely encompasses what my brand is all about. Symbolic talismans that allow women to express their deepest selves. And the hands cradling the eye represents my tribe, my customers, YOU, calling upon your Goddess Guides.

Lauren showed me 3 different variations of eyes and light bursts and the one I initially wanted was not the one I ultimately picked. Lauren has a real eye for design. Every time I asked for a specific detail she would show me my idea along with other versions and each time I ended up choosing her ideas over mine.

Logo variations.
I thought I wanted the more sporadic light bursts (center) along with the more sleepy-looking eye (like the right one). But I fell in love with the diamond shape light burst (far left) and the more awake eye (center). I'm so happy I had a designer like Lauren who knew what to show me.

The Meaning

Eye Symbol:
- The all-seeing eye symbolism means honoring the divine providence.
- The third eye represents spiritual awakening and truth, clairvoyance, omniscience, and a gateway into the soul helping you to be your true self.
- In ancient Egyptian culture the eye was known as the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra as well as the Wadjet Eye, which represents protection, healing, and restoration.
- In the middle East and Asia the eye is often seen on a hand, called a Hamsa. It's represented as protection against the evil eye.

Hand Symbol:
- The Hand symbolizes authority and power in Celtic culture.
- Asian cultures use the hands to demonstrate yin and yang energies.
- Because we use our hands or many things they're often seen as tools for skill, action, and purpose (also for wearing pretty rings! ;)
- Hindu culture uses a symbol of the hand with an eye in the middle, called a Hamsa, which is used as an amulet to ward off evil and negativity.

The Transformation

And, in case you forgot, here's what my last logo looked like. It was completely designed by me (again, I'm not a graphic designer). I just took little pieces of clip art from free sites and pasted them together then colored them in, ha! I'm so happy with the new upgrade!

Logo tranformation.

You'll be seeing some updates on my website and social media over the next week or so to include this new logo. I'll also be posting an interview I did with Lauren who created this work of art on my blog soon.

Much love,
xx Brittany

PS: I'm dying to know what you think, if you have a moment just leave a comment and let me know how you like it, and maybe what the eye symbol means to you!

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