Leather jacket and silver jewelry.

Leather Weather

Leather jacket and jumpsuit outfit.

Fall is here (for most of the US at least) and that means pulling out your favorite leather jacket! This outfit is more of a transition look going from summer to fall. I love the look of pairing something edgy with the more playful allure of this jumpsuit.

I'm really into indie fashion lately so the handmade boobs print wallet adds a playfulness to this look and the eye jewelry creates deeper self-expression. Of course, these jewelry pieces are from my new Wadjet Collection, I wanted to show how you can mix and match these pieces with your wardrobe.

I can totally see a cool hip woman wearing this out on the town with the girls! 

Leather Jacket | Madewell
Jumpsuit | J. Crew
Heels | Ethica
Wallet | Stitch & Shutter
Necklace | Pineal Vision Jewelry
Earrings | Pineal Vision Jewelry
Ring | Pineal Vision Jewelry

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