Inexpensive Summer Wedding Ideas

Inexpensive Summer Wedding Ideas

Your marriage should be about your love for each other, therefore, starting your life off in debt should not be a worry as newlyweds. There are many ways to still have a fun and gorgeous wedding even if you don't have a large budget, and it can still be memorable.

We've put together some affordable attire ideas for a bride, and of course, we couldn't forget about the groom! The season of choice? For a beautiful summer wedding! And we are including some band options from Mens Wedding Bands which is the sponsor of today's article! We hope you enjoy it, and no matter what you choose, we hope you have a lovely wedding!

The Bride

Summer Wedding Dress

This ivory strapless dress is perfect for a summer wedding with the cutout at the waist. It's paired with these beautiful champagne shimmer heels with a lovely clutch to match. The beautiful green and white bouquet is subtle yet has very much summer vibes.

The jewelry adds a subtle sparkle with the solitaire CZ halo gold ring as the star of the show being an affordable alternative wedding ring. The delicate gold chain necklace with three floating CZs make you look like you're wrapped in stars. Lastly, the Cosmic Twist Hoops paired with the Sparkling Flower Studs are the perfect match to top off this gorgeous look!

Dress // Heels // Clutch Bag // CZ Ring // Necklace // Hoops // Studs

This entire bride look cost less than $650 as of June 2023!

The Groom

Men's ivory summer wedding suit.

The groom's look matches the bride beautifully with the ivory tones being the prominent color. This suit includes a nice fitted jacket, pants, and a matching vest. It's paired with a cream-tone tie with a subtle paisley pattern. You could do a bow tie as well rather than a tie.

The shoes are in a lovely off-white color which corresponds with the overnight duffle bag. Finally the gold watchband bracelet and to top it off the 18kt Gold Plated Tungsten Band from Men's Wedding Rings with an interesting shine-to-sheen design!

3-Piece Suit // Dress Shirt // Neck Tie // Corsage // Shoes // Bag // Bracelet // Mens Gold Wedding Ring

This entire groom look cost around $500 as of June 2023!

Shop more Mens Wedding Bands for affordable options to show him you love him!

Antler/Zebra Arrow Tungsten RingDomed Tungsten BandGun Metal Hammered BandGold Diamond Wedding BandRose Gold RingBloodwood Inlay Tungsten BandZebra Wood Inlay with Diamond RingTitanium Deer Antler Wedding Band

Let us know in the comments what you would like to wear for a summer wedding, we would love to discuss it!

*This is a sponsored post by Men's Wedding Bands. All opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.
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