Greek Goddess Asteria

Greek Goddess Asteria

Goddess Asteria is known as the shining one or Goddess of the stars and prophetic dreams. She's known as a Star Goddess and is often depicted with a halo of stars in the night sky.

Greek Goddess Asteria

Asteria is the daughter of Titan Coeus and Goddess Phoebe. She had only one daughter, Hecate, by Titan Perses. The God Zeus fell for Asteria and chased her across the sky. That's when Asteria transformed herself into a quail to escape him. She leaped into the sea becoming the island of Delos. 

Dark blue and starry crystals can be used to channel Asteria or to simply honor her presence. Azurite with its dark blue hue and lapis lazuli with its blue hue and golden pyrite flecks are symbols for the night sky. Carry them in your pocket, meditate with them or place them on your altar. 

Goddess Asteria Painting by Emily Balivet.
Goddess Asteria Painting by Emily Balivet

Look up at the clear night sky to see the vastness of our starry skies, wait for a shooting star, and make a wish. Give thanks to Goddess Asteria. 

Asteria, like many Star Goddesses, can illuminate aspects of our lives. She can help us on our moral path to do good by ourselves and others. She wants us all to be a star in our own eyes therefore honor this Goddess for shining the light so we can see our way. 

Goddesses by Sue Jennings, Ph.D.

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