Dreamy stars eyeshadow.

Celestial Aesthetic

If you enjoy the aesthetics of sky, space and heaven then you'll enjoy this little curation of celestial artworks, products, and ideas. The word celestial is primarily used to describe things that have to do with the heavens such as angels, spirits, stars, and planets.

This post is to introduce Pineal Vision jewelry's new collection 'Celestial Collection' Enjoy. ✴ 

Celestial glitter bathtub art.
(Galaxing Bath Art by INDG0)
Gold stars sheer top.
(Stars In Her Eye Top. By Lirikac Matoshi)
Celestial crystal Saturn earrings.
(Celestial Crystal Saturn Earrings by Pineal Vision Jewelry)
Black and gold celestial nails.
(Celestial Nails ft. Connoisseur by So Nailicious - Find this Star Crescent Moon Ring here)
Dreamy stars eyeshadow.
(Dreamy Star Eyeshadow by The Sara Engel)
Celestial phases of the moon wall decor.
(Celestial Phases of the Moon Wall Decor by Marie Canning)
Tarot card necklace.
(Gold Tarot Card Necklace by Pineal Vision Jewelry)
Moon and star rhinestone hairpin.
(Moon and Star Rhinestone Hairpins* by Iris Gift)
'Once in a Blue Moon' celestial art print.
(Once in a Blue Moon Celestial Art Print by Terra Soleil)
Cucculelli Shaheen Hera Constellation dress.
(Cucculelli Shaheen Specialorder-Hera Constellation Dress at Moda Operandi)
Celestial moon decor.
(Celestial Moon Decor at Grandin Road)
Rebel Quill celestial nesting side tables.
(Rebel & Quill Celestial Nesting Side Tables at Anthropologie)
Taurus Zodiac celestial mug.
(Taurus Zodiac Celestial Mug by Crafted Ever After)
Celestial hands tapestry.
(Celestial Hands Tapestry Terra Soleil Co)
Celestial Zodiac nail art.
(Celestial Zodiac Nail by Nail Mouse)
Star stud earrings.
(Star CZ Stud Earrings by Pineal Vision Jewelry)
Night Goddess elven corset dress.
(Night Goddess Elven Corset Dress by Alice Corsets)
Starry night eyeshadow.
(Starry Night Eyeshadow by Beauty Bekky)

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