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Perspective Ring + Vision Ring

$ 80.00 $ 100.00
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Looking for the perfect gift for the truth seeker in your life? The Perspective Ring + Vision Ring are the perfect duo. These two rings are purchased together often because women love the look of the eye symbol which provides it's wearer protection and guidance. Allow your free-spirited love one the freedom she needs to follow her life's biggest dreams.

You will receive both the Perspective Ring (org. $60) + the Vision Ring. (org. $40) for a combined cost so you can save this holiday season!

- Hand fabricated in sterling silver
- Oxidized + polished to a high shine 
- A part of the Wadjet Collection

Perspective Ring

- Eye motif is approx. 12mm x 8.7mm
- 16g ring band

Vision Ring

- Eye motif is approx. 9mm x 4.5mm
- 16g ring band (this ring is originally made with an 18g ring band but since the Perspective Ring has a 16g band I feel most would want the same gauge ring bands in case you feel like stacking them)

Goddess Wadjet

Wadjet (pronounced waed-jet) is the Egyptian Goddess known as the patron and protector of Egypt. She was often depicted as a snake with a woman's head. Wadjet is also the daughter of the Egyptian Sun God Ra.

One day Wadjet and Ra were lost in the waters of Nun, so Ra sent Wadjet on a mission to find Tefnut (moisture) and Shu (air). When Wadjet returned successful Ra was so happy he honored Wadjet with being his "eye."

Wear these pieces of talismans to give yourself the protection and guidance that Wadjet provides.

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