Etsy Finds: Vintage Fur Coats

Big fur coats are all the rage this winter season. And because here at Pineal Vision Jewelry I'm all about environmental and social responsible shopping. So what better way to stay true to our values than purchasing vintage?! It's a win/win!

I also love supporting small businesses so I knew Etsy was the perfect place to hunt down some awesome vintage goodness. These Etsy vintage re-seller take their sourcing seriously so you won't be disappointed with what you find in this roundup.

I wanted to make this roundup even more special by showcasing vintage fut coat from the 1910's all the way up to the 90's (aka, my era!). But, I'm going to do a little twist and go backwards, so 1990's here we come!

If you see something you love you better be quick and snap it up fast because as we all know, with vintage, it's rare you'll find it again! And a lot of these coats kept selling out as I was writing this! 


Vintage 90's Fur Trim Coat
^ Vintage 90's Fur Trim Coat from Tara S. Common

Vintage 1990s Fur Bomber Jacket
^ Vintage 1990s Fur Bomber Jacket from The Heirloom Addict

1990s Faux Fur Blue Coat
^ 1990s Faux Fur Blue Coat from Roosevelt Wares VTG


Monster Vixen Fox Fur Coat^ Monster Vixen Fox Fur Coat from DOTTO

Dinno Rico White Rabbit Fur Coat^ Dinno Rico White Rabbit Fur Coat from Harlem Rag Shop 1934

1980's Penny Lane Fur Trim Bomber Jacket^ 1980's Penny Lane Fur Trim Bomber Jacket from Moons and Junes Vintage

Goddess Tribe


Vintage 70's Brown Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket
^ Vintage 70's Brown Rabbit Fur Bomber Jacket from Gold Banana

Norwegian Blue Fox Full Length Coat^ Norwegian Blue Fox Full Length Coat from Shop Phoenix Vintage

1970's Retro Fur Coat^ 1970's Retro Fur Coat from Kayla's Vintage Goods


 Vintage 60's Fur Collar Wool Coat^ Vintage 60's Fur Collar Wool Coat from Midnight Flight

1960's Blonde Faux Fur Coat^ 1960's Blonde Faux Fur Coat from Love Charles

1960's Cream Fur Trim Coat^ 1960's Cream Fur Trim Coat from Sarah Kates


Vintage 1950's Fox Fur Coat^ Vintage 1950's Fox Fur Coat from Vera Vague

1950's Bettijean Woven Winter Coat
^ 1950's Bettijean Woven Winter Coat from Nosilla Vintage

Vintage 1950's Fredericia Mink Coat^ Vintage 1950's Fredericia Mink Coat from DEAR GOLDEN

Glamorous 1950's White Fur Coat^ Glamorous 1950's White Fur Coat from Simplicity Is Bliss

 1950's Faux Fur Glenara Full Length Coat^ 1950's Faux Fur Glenara Full Length Coat from All Things Co. Vintage


1940's Black Skunk Fur Coat^ 1940's Black Skunk Fur Coat from Apothecary Inn

1940's Full Length Mink Coat^ 1940's Full Length Mink Coat from English Rose Vintage OH

Vintage 1940's Long Mink Fur Coat^ Vintage 1940's Long Mink Fur Coat from Very Oakland Vintage

Vintage 1940's Fur Coat^ Vintage 1940's Fur Coat from Anti Frantic Vintage


1930's Bouclé Wool Coat^ 1930's Bouclé Wool Coat from Ruby Mae Rose

1930's Vintage Fur Coat^ 1930's Vintage Fur Coat  from Allure Original Styles

1930's Prologue Wool and Fox Collar Coat^ 1930's Prologue Wool and Fox Collar Coat from DEAR GOLDEN


Vintage Black 1920's Fox Coat^ Vintage Black 1920's Fox Coat from Mirandas Bridal

Hatfield House 1920's Mink Coat
^ Hatfield House 1920's Mink Coat from DEAR GOLDEN

Vintage 1920's Fur Coat^ Vintage 1920's Fur Coat from Coyote at Dawn

1910's Black Edwardian Fur Lined Coat^ 1910's Black Edwardian Fur Lined Coat from Heirloomen

1910's Pony Fur Coat^ 1910's Pony Fur Coat from Roslyn VTG Trading Co

1910's Edwardian White Mink Fur Trim Coat^ 1910's Edwardian White Mink Fur Trim Coat from SL Vintage

I know this was a a lot of options so if you're a hard core shopper like me you probably enjoyed looking at all these beautiful pre-loved coats.Just imagine how the woman who owned these coats spent their days, just crazy, right?!

Also note that I am a super proud affiliate with Etsy so when you purchase any of these fabulous coats I do get a small commission, so thank you for your support!

Now, I have a question for you, if you could live in any era, which would it be? I have a feeling I would've loved to live in the 50's. I'm so into the whole mid-century home decor trend! Let me know on the comments!