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  • Stop Labeling Your Photos "Source: Pinterest"!

    You see it on Instagram, Facebook, Flicker, Tumblr, EVERYWHERE! People seeing a pretty photo that would totally match the aesthetic they're going f...
  • Vision Boards + Meditation

    Meditation is such an amazing tool. I'm trying to get better at doing it daily. I like to use the quite morning hours before the sun is fully up to meditate, say my affirmations and look at my Vision Board.
  • Welcome To The New Site

    Welcome to the new site everyone! If you're on the mailing list then you heard the news and the reason for the move. I was originally on Squarespace and I was with them for a year but recently I've been needing more features that are quite necessary for an eCommerce website.
  • Freedom Method Challenge Hosted by Flourish and Thrive Academy

    Every year jewelry business mentors Tracy Matthews and Robin Kramer of Flourish and Thrive Academy host a 10 day Instagram challenge called the #FreedomMethodChallenge. This challenge is structured in a away to help you find more freedom in your jewelry business.